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Guest Lecturer Dr. Wei Hong to speak on "Communicating with the Chinese from Linguistic and Cultural Perspectives"

Dr. Wei Hong Head Shot

Dr. Wei Hong (洪玮), Professor of Chinese and Applied Linguistics and Chair of the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Purdue University, will look at some of the key issues in cross-cultural communication with the Chinese that may cause pragmatic failures and conflicts. Citing from Confucian traditions, concepts and values such as politeness, face etiquette and indirectness, this talk will discuss how Chinese communications are contextualized due to linguistic and cultural differences from English and, as a result, the rise of "Chinglish", an ad-hoc term for English flavored with Chinese.

The lecture will take place in Science 2, Room 145 from 4:25-5:50pm on Thursday, November 5th. Sponsored by the Confucius Institute of Chinese Opera at Binghamton University. For more information contact: Carrie Buck @ cbuck@binghamton.edu.

News: Global Confucius Institute Day celebrated the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival with 2 spectacular events

At 2 PM on Saturday, September 26th, Binghamton Libraries and the Confucius Institute of Chinese Opera co-sponsered the Chinese Cultural Experience Center Grand Opening! The opening was very well-attended, and the guests experienced Chinese Culture with a giant interactive touch-screen TV, took pictures posing in  Beijing Opera Costumes, viewed our museum-quality wall of Confucius Institute Activity photos, and browsed the Beijing Opera book exhibit, surrounded by authentic Beijing Opera costumes and headpieces! 

Chinese Cultural Experience Center in Bartle Library

Then, the Confucius Institute of Chinese Opera at Binghamton University held its spectacular "Amazing China" show that evening. These outstanding performances included Beijing Opera, Chinese vocal and instrumental music, and even a Chinese magician! Performers included Binghamton University faculty and students, the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts faculty, and guest artists from the New York Chinese Traditional Art Center.  Since then, our CICO Performance group has been busy traveling to other universities to spread the knowledge of Chinese Opera throughout the US!

CICO Amazing China Performance on Global CI Day 2015

Past Events

Fall 2015

  • September 26: CICO Performance at BU and Grand Opening of Chinese Cultural Experience Center
  • October 4: CICO Performance at the University of Iowa
  • October 10: CICO Performance at Savannah State University
  • October 23: CICO Performance at the University of Delaware and Chinese Opera Costume and Make-up Exhibit
  • November 2: CICO Performance at SUNY Cortland's "Taste of the World" event


Spring 2015

  • May 9: CICO Performance at Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church in Binghamton
  • March 24: CICO sponsors opening ceremony of "Reshuffling the Past" contemporary Chinese ink painting exhibit at Roberson Museum and Science Center
  • March 1: CICO Performance at Phelps Mansion Museum in Binghamton
  • February 28: CICO Performance at the STCCA Chinese New Year Celebration
  • February 21: CICO Performance at SUNY Albany
  • February 21: BU Day at the Mall
  • February 8: CICO Performance at Colorado State University
  • February 7: CICO Performance at the Community College of Denver

Fall 2014

  • September 28: CICO Performance and Lecture at Stony Brook University
  • September 27: "Confucius Institute Day" held at the Oakdale Mall
  • September 20: CICO Performance at the University of Idaho

Spring 2014

  • March 22: CICO co-sponsorship of MRC's Asian-Pacific Heritage Month event
  • Dec 16 - March 10: CICO-organized exhibit on famous Chinese playwright Cao Yu (read about it at the Broome County Library website here)
  • Feb 22: BU Day at the Mall
  • Feb 9: CICO Performanceat the Community College at Denver
  • Feb 8: CICO Performance at Colorado State University
  • Feb 1: Chinese New Year celebration at the Discovery Center in Binghamton, NY
  • Feb 1: CICO Performance at SUNY Plattsburgh
  • Jan 25: CICO Performance at Tulane University
  • Jan 24: CICO Performance at Xavier University of Louisiana
  • Jan 23: CICO Performance at Western Kentucky University
  • Jan 10: Hong Zhang held Lecture-Recital at the United Nations

Fall 2013

  • Dec. 4: CICO performance at the University at Albany
  • Nov 18: CICO Performance at Stockton College
  • Oct 28: Beijing Opera and Chinese flute performance at SUNY Cortland
  • Oct 25: Chinese flute performance at Alfred University
  • Sept 27: CICO Performance at Binghamton University, Osterhout Concert Theater
  • Sept 25: CICO Performance Group performs at Stony Brook University
  • Sept 21: CICO Performance Group performs at Missouri State University
  • Sept 10: CICO's "The Art Behind Beijing Opera: Costume and Makeup" exhibit at the Confucius Institute for Business in New York





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