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Helping Students Concerned about the Conflict in Iraq and Terrorism:

A Guide for Faculty and Staff at Binghamton University

With the on-going conflicts in Iraq and the threat of terrorism here, a sense of helplessness, anger, and fear is easily cultivated. Different people react and cope in vastly different ways. A student's natural temperament, social support, prior life experiences, and ways of coping contribute to individually specific reactions. Even when students do not express verbal concern, they may experience strong internal reactions. In classes and elsewhere faculty and staff are likely to see students in need of assistance. Anticipating potential reactions, considering possible interventions, and knowing the resources available will help the campus community to work effectively with these students.

Possible reactions:

What concerned faculty and staff can do to help:

  1. The University Counseling Center provides free, confidential counseling for students.
  2. High Hopes hotline is available 24 hours/seven days per week at 777-4357 or 777-3784.
  3. Binghamton University Police are available 24 hours/seven days per week at 911 or for non-emergencies at 777-2393.
  4. International Student and Scholar Services, NAR-GI - 777-2510 - for information about international events, travel, and safety issues for international students and visitors.
  5. Employee Assistance Program - for faculty and staff members. Health Services Infirmary IN-115 at 777-6655.
  6. Religious Organizations Advisors, UU218 - 777-2262

o Baptist Campus Ministry - 729-5189
o Brothers and Sisters in Christ - 648-7322
o Campus Bible Fellowship - 775-2107
o Catholic Students/Newman Association - 798-7202
o Chabad House Jewish Student Center - 797-0015
o InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Korean American Baptists - 729-6672

 The following resources provide relevant information:

* Updates of information for the Binghamton University campus

* To access Binghamton University's Emergency Management plan and instructions for staying informed about emergency situations.

* Information from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security,

* American Psychological Association:




* National Mental Health Association:


Elizabeth Droz, Ph.D., Director, University Counseling Center
Adapted from materials by Dr. Karen Lese, U. San Diego, 2003




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Last Updated: 4/29/10