The mission of the Center for Professional Practice (CPP) is serve the various technical, professional development, and research needs of teachers, administrators, and school board members in New York and New England. The Graduate School of Education (GSE) will continue to prepare excellent teachers, administrators, and scholars. With this effort, GSE's reach widens across the field of education.


The activities of the Center cover the gamut of issues with which educators wrestle. Some of those issues are technical in nature—creating or revising anti-bullying policies, developing consistent procedures for handling IEPs, (one more). Other concerns arise around the professional development of teachers, staff, and administrators—helping school institute professional learning communities, (two more). And still other activities revolve the need to conduct practical research projects that answer specific needs—(examples)


The CPP consultants bring a breadth of knowledge and a range of skills to the work. Whether teacher, administrator, or faculty member, the Center consultants draw on their expertise to meet the particular challenges at hand.

Last Updated: 11/19/13