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Before 2005

This table contains Before 2005 News
Date Source Article
Oct - Nov 2003 BU Alumni CONNECT Watson Grad Wins an Emmy
06/01/03 BU discover-e An Image of Success: BU Computer Scientist Takes Aim at Improved
Indexing and Understanding of Digital Information
03/20/03 inside BU 2003 Student Excellence Awards (Dmitry Ponomarev: Teaching)
03/20/03 inside BU 2003 Student Excellence Awards (Dmitry Ponomarev: Research)
10/31/02 inside BU Awards Recognize 20 for Excellence in Teaching, Research,
Professional, Classified Service
06/20/02 BU discover-e Seven Cited by Chancellor for Innovative Work
05/09/02 inside BU Seven Cited by Chancellor for Inventive work
04/16/02 BU discover-e Sniffing Out Trouble: BU Research Supports Homeland Security
Initiatives in Sensor Design and Cyber-Security
04/04/02 inside BU Lewis Gets NSF Grant: Research Puts PCs on World Grid
05/17/01 inside BU CS Major Bypasses Disability
05/18/00 inside BU Language Barrier Doesn't Stifle Academic Success
10/21/99 inside BU Recognizing excellence Awards Celebrate Outstanding Effort in
Teaching, Research, Service, Philanthropy
Apr 2002 BU discover-e Plugging Into the Grid: BU Researcher Helps Maximize Power of the Internet

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