Incoming CS Major SAT Scores are the Highest on Campus

Although SAT scores alone do not come close to capturing the academic ability and potential of our Computer Science majors, the scores of our incoming freshman majors—the Class of 2020—are very impressive.

Incoming CS freshmen boast an average SAT score* of 1370 (math and verbal), which is the highest average score among all academic units on campus.

The average score of all incoming freshmen at Binghamton is 1305, which ranks fifth in the nation among public institutions, trailing only Georgia Tech, William & Mary, UC Berkeley, and the University of Virginia. Binghamton ranks above other excellent universities such as UNC Chapel Hill, University of Texas at Austin, UCLA, Stony Brook, and more.

The Watson School includes 26 incoming freshmen in the Binghamton University Freshman Scholars Program, including 8 CS students. Average SAT scores for these 26 students is 1461.

The CS Department is proud of the academic ability and achievements of all of our majors, and we're proud to continue to build and improve a department that attracts such high quality students!

* 1370 is the average of the scores between the 25th and 75th percentiles for math and verbal parts of the SAT; the maximum achievable score is 1600.

Last Updated: 10/18/16