Richard EckertRichard Eckert
Associate Professor (Emeritus)



Professional Bio:
Professor Eckert received his PhD from the University of Kansas in 1971, taught at the Universidad de Oriente in Cumana, Venezuela for two years, at the Universidad Catolica de Puerto Rico for 12 years, and in 1983, joined the faculty of the Computer Science Department at Binghamton. Professor Eckert retired at the end of the Spring 2010 semester.

Research Areas:
Computer science education, computer graphics, (especially virtual reality systems), human-computer interaction, computer architecture and microprocessor-based systems.

Courses Taught:

  • CS220: Computer Organization & Assembly Language Programming
  • CS323: Microomputer Systems I
  • CS360: GUI and Windows Programming
  • CS460: Computer Graphics
  • CS560: Computer Graphics

Selected Publications

  • Mingkui Song, David Goldman, and Richard R. Eckert, "Metafile Compositing for Automated Embroidery Design Generation," International Conference on Graphics, Vision and Image Processing (GVIP-05), Cairo, Egypt, December 2005
  • Richard R. Eckert, Jason a. Moore, "An Interactive, Remote-controlled Computer Projection System for Use in a Large Classroom Environment," 17th International Conference on Technology and Education, (Tampa, Florida, October 10-13, 1999).
  • David A. Goldman, Richard R. Eckert, Maxine S. Cohen, "Three Dimensional Computation Visualization for Computer Graphics Rendering Algorithms," Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, ACM Press, February, 1996.
  • Michael K. Stenzler and Richard R. Eckert, "Interactive Video," ACM SIGCHI Bulletin, 28:2 (April, 1996).
  • R. R. Eckert, "Interactive Drawing in a Computer Graphics Course," Interface, 15(3), 38-45, (1993).
  • R. R. Eckert, "Communication Between Computers and Peripheral Devices--an Analogy," ACM SIGCSE Bulletin, 22(3), 54-62, (1990).
  • M. Cutler and R. R. Eckert, "Microprogrammed Computer Simulator Tools," IEEE Transactions on Education, 33(2), 212-220, (1990).
  • R. R. Eckert, "Hard-wired Versus Microprogrammed Control: How Computers Really Work," ACM SIGCSE Bulletin, 20(3), 13-22, (1988).
  • Richard R. Eckert, "Kicking off a Course in Computer Organization and Assembly/Machine Language Programming," ACM SIGCSE Bulletin, 19(4), 2-9, (1987).
  • M. Cutler and R.R. Eckert, "A Microprogrammed Computer Simulator," IEEE Transactions on Education, E-30(3), 135-141, (1987).
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