Active Alert: Classes canceled this evening

B-ALERT:All Binghamton University classes beginning at 5 p.m. or later today, Tuesday, March 3, are canceled. Employees report as normal.

Alert updated: Tuesday, March 3, 2015 4:28 PM

Faculty and Staff

Regular Faculty

Abu-Ghazaleh, Nael
Associate Professor
1997, University of Cincinnati
(607) 777-4748


Chiu, Kenneth
Associate Professor
2001, Indiana University

Cutler, Michal
Associate Professor
1979, Weizmann Institute, Israel


Eckert, Richard (Emeritus)
Associate Professor
1971, University of Kansas

Foreman, Dennis
2002, Binghamton University


Ghose, Kanad
Chair and Professor
PhD 1988, Iowa State University

Gopalan, Kartik
Associate Professor
PhD 2003, Stony Brook University


Govindaraju, Madhusudhan
Associate Professor
PhD 2002, Indiana University

Greene, Steaphan
MS 2003, Binghamton University


Head, Eileen
Lecturer and Undergraduate Program Director
MS 1998, Binghamton University

Iwobi, Margaret
Program Coordinator of the Dual Degree Information Systems Program


Kang, Kyoung-Don 
Associate Professor
PhD 2003, University of Virginia

Lander, Leslie
Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director
PhD 1973, University of Liverpool, England


Lewis, Michael J.
Associate Professor
PhD 2000, University of Virginia

Liu, David
Assistant Professor
PhD 2007, Johns Hopkins University


Madden, Patrick H.
Associate Professor
PhD 1998, University of California, Los Angeles


Meng, Weiyi
PhD 1992, University of Illinois at Chicago


Ponomarev, Dmitry
Associate Professor
PhD 2003, Binghamton University

Steflik, Richard
MS 1978, Binghamton University


Williams, Rose
MS 1999, Binghamton University

Yang, Ping
Assistant Professor
PhD 2006, Stony Brook University
(607) 777-5697


Yin, Lijun
Associate Professor
PhD 2000, University of Alberta
(607) 777-5484

Yu, Lei
Assistant Professor
PhD 2005, Arizona State University


Zhang, Zhongfei Mark
PhD 1996, University of Massachusetts

Zhu, Ting
Assistant Professor 
PhD 2010, University of Minnesota  
(607) 777-3230



Ziegler, William
Associate Professor
MS 1982, Syracuse University

Adjunct Faculty

Garrison, David

  Intrieri, Matt

Hicks, Janette (CS 501X)      

   Umrigar, Zerksis


Research Professors

Jones, Merwyn
Research Professor and
Director, BU Linux Technology Center  EB, T18

Faculty Login

Current CS faculty can log into our password-protected faculty pages by following the link below (use the same LDAP username and password that you use to log into the CS research machines).


Department Main Office : (607)777-4802

April St. John Administrative Assistant to the Chair (607)777-4871

 Kathy Dickerson  

 Dept Secretary  (607)777-4802

Stea Greene

Lecturer and System Administrator (607)777-3273
Peter Ling Assistant System Administrator (607)777-3273

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