SUNY-YÖK Dual-Diploma Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems

Binghamton University, in partnership with YÖK (the Higher Education Council in Turkey, a government entity that oversees higher education in that country), offers a dual-diploma bachelor's degree in Information Systems. This innovative program prepares students from several prominent research universities in Turkey with high-level substantive knowledge and analytical skills for careers in high-technology areas that require global perspectives. This four-year program includes full-time enrollment for the sophomore year and the senior year at Binghamton University. Dual-diploma students take computer science, general education, management and other courses along side Binghamton students. Graduates of the program receive two diplomas, a bachelor of science degree from the Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science and a Lisans in Information Systems Engineering from their home university in Turkey.

Program Requirements:

Course descriptions can be found in the online University Bulletin. In the Courses by Department entry box select Computer Science for CS courses and School of Management for MIS courses.

More Information

For more information, refer to the following web site:
- Binghamton University Office of International Programs
Or contact:
Information Systems Dual-Diploma campus coordinators:
- Margaret Iwobi: Computer Science Department
- Kanad Ghose: Computer Science Department Chair and Professor

Last Updated: 7/10/14