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Thinking about majoring in Computer Science (CS)?

We're living in the Age of Technology and our lives are changing faster than ever before, due in no small part to rapid advances in computing. Yesterday's science fiction has become today's reality. Our computer science majors are part of this Technological Revolution, not just along for the ride.

We teach lots more than computer programming, so majoring in CS opens doors to a wide variety of exciting and lucrative careers. Our students learn to:
  • tackle and solve difficult problems,
  • work effectively in teams,
  • build big things, and
  • stay current with the latest technologies.
Plus, we have fun doing it, and you'll be ready to succeed at whatever career path you choose.

If this sounds a little like a "sales pitch," that's because it is. Our energetic and active faculty do cutting-edge research in many different areas; and we involve students of all levels. Doing our job well is only possible -- and that much more fun -- with bright energetic students joining in.

If you like tackling problems and puzzles, building things, thinking "outside the box", working with others or investigating all the latest technological gadgetry, then computer science may be for you -- even if you're not "into" computers yet or you don't think you're the type. There is no "type". CS majors become highly successful businesswomen and businessmen, leaders in industry and academia, lawyers, doctors, entrepeneurs -- you name it.

Four profiles of recent CS majors highlight the diversity of our students:
In our program you can tailor your courses to meet your specific goals and interests, while still getting the requisite CS foundation necessary for even the most in-depth technical careers or for graduate school in the most competitive CS programs. We offer:
  • combined BS/MBA and BS/MS programs,
  • the flexibility to specialize in any one of several different areas of CS,
  • the ability to double major with another subject
  • and even a CS minor.
Your faculty adviser will help you pick the best courses and plan of action for you.

Our faculty is committed to excellence in both teaching and research, so you'll be taught by world-class computer scientists in a wide variety of research areas; we enjoy teaching, and we're committed to doing it well. That's why we have state-of-the-art computing facilities and continually update our projects and curriculum to meet the ever-changing technological landscape. Contact us for more information, and let us know if we can help answer any questions.

Last Updated: 4/12/16