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MSW student focuses on helping the disadvantaged

Kristine Anderson, a graduate originally from Brooklyn, visited New Orleans with other MSW students during spring break 2008. The group stayed for a week, assisting parents, seniors and others still recovering from the hurricane.
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The Green Dot philosophy

What is Green Dot about?

The Green Dot strategy is a comprehensive approach to violence prevention that capitalizes on the power of peer and cultural influence across all levels of the socio-ecological model. Based on the theory of social change, Green Dot targets all community members as potential bystanders. The model seeks to engage community members, through awareness, education and skills-practice, in proactive actions that build an intolerance of violence as normative behavior. The Green Dot strategy promotes positive bystander reactive interventions in high-risk situations with the ultimate goal being a reduction of violence.

Specifically, the program proposes to target socially influential individuals across all campus community subgroups. The goal is for these groups to engage in a basic education program that will equip them to integrate moments of prevention within their existing relationships and daily activities. In so doing, new norms will be nurtured and those within their sphere of influence will be positively and significantly influenced to move from passive agreement that violence is wrong, to active intervention in violence prevention.

What is a Green Dot?

Any Choice, Behavior, Attitude or Words that:

      (1) express utter intolerance of any form of violence;
      (2) express support for victims of violence;
      (3) actively contribute to a culture of safety;
      (4) promote a climate of tolerance.

A green dot is a single moment in time − no bigger than a dot on a map. Proactive green dots are choices to communicate to the people in your life that addressing violence matters to you − and reactive green dots are those choices you make in response to a situation that you think might be high risk.

A Green Dot is:

  • telling a person in your life that sexual assault and domestic violence matters to you
  • adding the phrase "Green Dot Supporter" to your Facebook or e-mail signature
  • looking out for others at parties or where alcohol is involved to ensure everyone arrives and leaves together
  • attending a program or event designed to raise awareness about violencewearing a green dot bracelet, button or shirt
  • gently asking if you can help if you suspect someone you care about is a victim of violence.


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