The Withdrawal Process

Withdrawing from a course

If a student wishes to add, drop or withdraw from a course, there is a process to follow, which is clearly explained on the Registrar’s website.

Withdrawing from the semester

There is a separate process for students wishing to withdraw from all of their courses in fall or spring semester, which requires them to complete a Semester Withdrawal Form and submit it to the Financial Aid Services and Student Records office, Student Wing, room 109. The Undergraduate Semester Withdrawal Form and Graduate Semester Withdrawal Form and instructions can be found under "forms" on the Registrar’s Office webpage on semester withdrawal procedures. Dean of Students staff can assist with medical withdrawals after students have consulted with the academic advisor.

Healthcare providers can recommend an administrative withdrawal by completing the Provider Withdrawal Form.

Dean of Students staff can also assist with reenrollment to studies from medical withdrawals. Instructions for submitting reenrollment forms:

 If you have any questions, contact the Dean of Students Office at 607-777-2804 or

Last Updated: 2/1/16