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Special Issue of Physiology & Behavior highlights developmental effects of alcohol.

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Research for Society on Alcoholism
38th Annual Meeting
June 20-24, 2015
San Antonio, Texas
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Colloquium Series

The DEARC is happy to host colloquia speakers from around the country to enrich the Center's research environment. Past speakers include:

  • Dr. Nicholas Grahame (IUPUI) – "Found in translation: Impulsivity and intoxication in selectively bred high high alcohol preferring mice"
  • Dr. Clyde Hodge (UNC-Chapel Hill) – "The neurobiological basis of alcohol addiction"
  • Dr. Rajesh Miranda (Texas A&M) – "MicroRNA programming of fetal neural stem cell maturation: Uncovering novel mechanisms of fetal growth and ethanol teratology"
  • Dr. Aesoon Park (Syracuse University) – "Person-environment interplay in problematic drinking: A developmental perspective"
  • Dr. Donita Robinson (UNC-Chapel Hill) – "Chocolate milk and play dates: Mesolimbic dopamine release in adolescent rats"
  • Dr. Igor Spigelman (UCLA) - Alcohol, Stress, and GABAA Receptor Plasticity: the darker side of gin and tonic"
  • Dr. Ania Majewska (University of Rochester) “Microglia-synapse interactions during plasticity.”
  • Dr. Donna Korol (Syracuse University) “Jog Your Memory”
  • Dr. Karen Szumlinski (University of California at Santa Barbara) “Homer2: A molecular trigger for alcoholism”
  • Dr. Marvin Diaz (University of New Mexico, HSC) “A Spectrum of Developmental Alcohol Effects: From Motor to Emotional Circuits”
  • Dr. Dennis Sparta (UNC Chapel Hill) “Dissecting the Neural Circuits that Mediate Motivated Behavior”
  • Dr. Jeffrey Weiner (Wake Forest School of Medicine) “Early life stress increases behavioral and neurobiological risk factors of alcohol addiction in male Long Evans rats”
  • Dr. Jessica Barson (The Rockefeller University) “Alcohol Abuse: Influence of Orexigenic Neuropeptides in the Hypothalamus and Beyond”
  • Dr. F. Scott Hall (Molecular Neurobiology Branch, National Institute on Drug Abuse) “The effects of gene knockout of the vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2; SLC18A2) and the dopamine transporter (DAT; SLC3A) on ethanol consumption and escalation in mice”
  • Dr. Roh-Yu Shen (University of Buffalo, Research Institute on Addictions) “Prenatal ethanol exposure leads to allostatic regulation of midbrain dopamine neurons: possible cellular mechanism for increased addiction risk”
  • Dr. Neil Harrison (Columbia University) “Neuroadaptation to alcohol: Receptors, genes and channels”
  • Dr. Christie Petrenko (University of Rochester) “Developing preventive interventions for children with FASD: Opportunities for multi-level investigations.”
  • Dr. Toni Pak (Loyola University) “Epigenetic and transgenerational consequences of adolescent binge alcohol exposure”
  • Dr. J. David Jentsch (UCLA) “Reward, interrupted: Inhibitory control and its relevance to addictions”
  • Dr. Ryan Logan (University of Pittsburgh) “Circadian rhythms and psychiatric diseases: Mechanistic insights into the regulation of mood and addiction behaviors by circadian genes”
  • Dr. Judy Grisel (Bucknell University) “Stress and alcohol: New approaches to an old question”

The DEARC is looking forward to our upcoming speakers:

December 10 – Dr. Giorgio Gorini (University of Texas at Austin) – “Coordinated mechanisms of molecular neuroadaptation underlying alcohol dependence: an integrative viewpoint”

December 12 – Dr. Gerald Deehan (Indiana University School of Medicine) – “The effects of excitatory and inhibitory conditioned cues: an analysis of the underlying behavioral and neurobiological manifestation of alcohol-seeking”

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