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This is the page where you can ask questions to current DAs via the Internet.
You should expect a response to your query within 24 hours.


Academic Advising / Scheduling (course selection and registration)

How to schedule an appointment with an advisor about my grades and class options? Need advice and options of how to fix my grade?

One way to set up an appointment with a Discovery Advisor is to scan the QR code found on our flyer around campus. Another way, is to email requesting an appointment. One last way to sign up is to go to the DA Biography page, and email a DA from the list you would like to meet with, asking to set up a meeting.

My son wanted the learning community English class but was closed out. What is the best way to find out id a seat opens up?

Your best option would be to email the department and petition in the class to see if the will allow more students to enroll in the class. Otherwise, you would have to check BUBrain and enroll in the class when a spot opens up during the registration period.

I am an undeclared sophomore. I am currently enrolled in an anthropology class, ANTH 378, only to receive a W writing credit. I know that I am not going to pursue an anthropology major. If I pass/fail this class, will I still receive the W credit?

If you pass fail a class you will receive the W credit. If a student wants to pass/fail a C, W, or J, they will fulfill the requirement as it is these are not Gen Eds but rather Harpur requirements.

If it says I have credit for Spanish 115 on my DARS, what Spanish class(es) should I take to fulfill my Harpur requirement for foreign language? Also, if I choose to start a new language instead, would I just have to take 2 semester of any elementary level language?

Based on what you have listed, you have achieved the Introductory level of one language. To achieve the foreign language requirement, you can either take SPAN 211: Intermediate Spanish I, or take two semesters of a different language. If you have further questions relating to your foreign language requirement, please attend our office hours 5-8 pm Sunday- Thursday in the CIW Library, Hinman Library, or C4 Discovery Center. You can also contact Harpur Advising for further clarification.

How do summer online classes work exactly? Is there a certain timeframe that we need open during the day or do we just have due dates and do everything on our own time?

Summer classes are a great opportunity to get ahead on coursework here at Binghamton. There are two summer sessions offered and courses vary in each. Be sure when you register for summer classes, the location listed is DI LEARN, indicating there is no required attendance at Binghamton University. From my experience, most summer classes give a syllabus at the beginning of the summer semester to inform students of all due dates and instructors set the due time for each assignment (usually midnight of the day listed). I was able to complete my work and have a part time job because the instructor allowed us the flexibility, and told us in advance of all assignments so I could allocate time appropriately. In addition to assignments, some courses will require exams. There is usually a window of time (up to 24 hours) to complete them. I highly recommend you contact the listed instructor of classes you may be interested in taking.

I will be attending Binghamton in the fall as a transfer student (junior). I was accepted into the School of Management and during orientation registered for classes in that program. I have changed my interest and want very much to be in the PPL program which is better suited to my interests. How do I go about registering for courses and being part of that program with school starting just a few weeks away? Who do I speak with concerning evaluating my transfer credits (that was done previously with good results by the School of Management)?

You cannot officially be a PPL major until you do an intra-university transfer into Harpur, which you can do on BU Brain. If you apply this semester, you wouldn't be in Harpur until next semester. However, you are still allowed to register now for Harpur classes and can take as many PPL courses as you would like. To have your transfer credits evaluated, you can go to Harpur Academic Advising, located in Academic B, G-18, and meet with a Transfer Advisor. See this link for available hours

If I retake a class in SOM, will my new grade be calculated into my GPA instead of my old class?

The policy in SOM is that students are permitted to repeat for credit, courses at Binghamton in which they received a grade of "D". Both courses appear on the official record and enter into GPA calculation. A later course does not replace an earlier course. The credit hours earned for a repeated course do not contribute towards the required 130 credit hours needed for graduation, however. Required courses in which an "F" was received must be repeated.

I am planning to transfer to this school but i have a W grade, will this grade will affect me in anyway?

This one W will not affect your plans to transfer in to the school. However, having more then 2 W's on your transcript is not ideal, and it will cause someone looking at your transcript to question why their are so many W's.

Does a two credit class count less towards my gpa than a 4 credit class?

To calculate GPA, multiply the number of credits for each course by the equivalent of the letter grade. The total is referred to as 'grade points'. Add together the grade points for all courses being used in the calculation. Divide the total number of grade points by the total number of attempted/completed credits. A 2 credit course that receives an A would be 8 quality points where a 4 credit course that receives an A would be 16 quality points. The 4 credit class is weighted more.


SOM Dean's List requires students to have a 3.75 GPA with 14 letter graded credits and have no missing or incomplete grades for that semester.


I am taking a gen-ed class online this winter because I need a C-letter for my Harpur requirements. I was hoping you could inform me as to whether or not pass/failing the class will still give me the letter. Thank you!

General Education courses must be taken for a letter grade (normal grading option) unless a course is only offered pass/fail.

Does a online winter class through Binghamton affect your GPA?
Can you do a pass/fail on an online Binghamton winter class?

Yes, online winter classes through Binghamton count toward your GPA. Yes, you can pass/fail an online Binghamton winter class. Make sure that you have this completed by the winter pass/fail deadline.

If I received a F grade in my previous college, and I already retook the class, and the F grade won't affect my GPA anymore, but it is still shows on my grade report, will it affect me to transfer to this school?

It really depends on the course. If you scored significantly higher the second time you took the class, it may be overlooked. It is difficult to say how admissions will react to it, but it will not be the only decided factor.

I got accepted into the School of Management but I am thinking of changing my major, which is in a different school in SUNY Binghamton. Even though I only got accepted to the School of Management, can I still change my schools (i.e. Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science)?

You would have to submit an application for intra-university transfer your second semester Freshman Year for the Fall of your Sophomore Year. Each school has different criteria (ie. GPA, required or pre-requisite coursework). Please see the following website for further details:

Does taking an online summer course count towards your GPA? If so does it count as a separate semester or does it count towards the previous semester?

If you are taking the online course through Binghamton University, it will factor into your GPA and it will count as a separate semester in which it will indicate that you took the course during the summer. If you are taking it at another college or university, it will not factor into your GPA, but you will receive the credit and satisfy the gen-ed or Binghamton course it is associated with.

Say if I received a low final grade like a C or D and I want a better grade in that course. Am I allowed to take the course again next semester to replace that grade?

The answer to your question depends on what school you are in. In Harpur for example, yes you can retake it but you cannot receive credit for the same course twice. Only the first letter grade will count for credit and will be calculated in your GPA. If the course was originally designated as pass/fail, neither the first nor the second grade will be factored into your GPA. Both course registrations and grades will appear on your transcript. Please note that repeated coursework does NOT count toward full time enrollment if the course was initially passed.

It's slightly different with the other schools. Please check with the advising websites or offices listed below.

SOM- Academic A, room 142

Watson- EB M00

CCPA- University Downtown Center, Room 407

Decker- AB 114

Academic Guidance (i.e. major, minor)

Can you apply as a Non-declared major for Freshman in Engineering and then declare in Sophomore year?

Declaration of a major requires permission and consent from the department, in this case, the Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science. One is free to choose whatever major to pursue as long as they fulfill and meet any initial requirements that the department and/or major entails.

Is failing a course better than withdrawing a course? If not, how to pick the GPA if have a low score of this course? Are there any replacement classes? Any options?

It is better to withdraw from a course than receiving an F. A failing grade will earn you 0 credits and will count towards your GPA, while withdrawing from a class will appear on you transcript as a "W", but will not affect your GPA. The best way to approach this question is on a case-by-case basis, because each student is different. If you withdraw from a class, you may retake it in the future. With withdrawals, there are other things to consider including your full time student status. Now, each circumstance will affect your GPA differently, so your best course of action is to meet with a Discovery Advisor who can talk with you, and if necessary, refer you to the proper department for further advice about withdrawals/ future courses.

My major is Economy Art.I have taked 362 twice. The first time is w. I withdrew the class. The second time I took it with different professor and I get c-. The major requirement is we have to have c in the core course in order to stay in the major. Do I still have one more chance to pass at least C or I have to switch to another major. I do not want to switch a major because I only have 3 courses or fours courses left. One of my elective ECON class I got D. DO I have to repeat or take another course in order to fullfill the requirement?

Generally speaking you can re-take a class as many times as you would like. I would be glad to set up an appointment with you. I also highly suggest going to the economics department. The department is located in Library Tower 902 it is lead by Professor Barry Jones his email is His advising hours are Monday from 2-3pm and Thursday 10:15-11:15am.

If I received a C in a class, will it still be counted towards my minor?

Most minors require a grade of C or better necessary to fulfill a requirement but this can change by department. Please check with your department or look it up on the Binghamton University Bulletin page

Academic Management (time management, study techniques, and note-taking skills)

Hello, I was at the Hinman Library earlier. Does the Discovery Center help with PowerPoint presentations, both the mechanical and verbal part of it?

Yes, we can help you with your presentation skills. The public speaking skills lab also have trained interns to help you with your public speaking skills, they are located in Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center, Room 101B and their website is

Hello, I'm trying to find a tutor for Calculus 1 and I'm having a difficult time trying to figure out who to contact to accompllish this. I don't know if this is the right person to contact. I was wondering if you could please direct me to someone who can help me find a tutor. Thank you veyr much.

You sign up for tutoring through The Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT). You pick a tutor online by following the directions on this webpage Tutoring takes place in the CIW library on a weekly basis and is usually in a group setting.

Campus Resources (extra-curricular opportunities)

What is the process behind becoming a CIW tutor?

You have to sign up with Kellie in the CIW Library. Generally, you need an A in the class you wish to tutor. More information can be obtained speaking with Kellie.

Is the CIW tutor a volunteer or paid position?

The Center for Learning and Teaching (CIW Library) tutors are in a paid position. They are well trained students that have excelled in their subjects. There are also internship opportunities available through the CLT, which would earned student credit as an internship. You can contact the Director of the CLT, Lisa Bennett, for more information.

Random Question: How do you get to the LACAS office, Library Tower 1112? I am completely lost!! Thanks!

Head to the Jazzman's cafe in the library and as you are about to head out the door make a left and take the elevator up.

Career (experiential education opportunities, internship, job)

Hi, do internship courses, such as CDCI 395, taken for credit, factor into your GPA?

If the course is taken for a letter grade, then yes, it factors into your GPA.


Where can I find the mailing address for my student while she is residing at school?

An example mailing address for a CIW resident would be the following:

The BU box number and mailbox combination can be found on the housing assignment page in BU Brain. Mail for students living in all the residential communities should be addressed using the following format:

CIW Student Example:
Student's Name
Student's BU Box ####
Binghamton University
4400 Vestal Parkway East
Binghamton, NY 13902

You can find your BU Box number from the following link:

I am interested in becoming a discovery advisor, and I was wondering how many hours a week DAs typically work. Please let me know.

The amount of hours that the DA's work varies depending on the time of the semester, but typically a DA will work no less than 10 hours a week.

My name is Juliette and I am a transfer student for this spring semester (2013). I'd like to know what are the requirements of becoming a DA. Thank you!

DAs need to be at least sophomore standing to apply for the internship in the spring, which the deadline for this spring has passed. They must be in good standing with regard to judiciary aspects and they must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 from BU. They should look to apply for the CDCI internship next fall.

Where is you BU mail box located if you live in Hillside, Glimmerglass?

Your BU Mailbox for all Hillside residences is in the small square hut behind Belmont, and in between Catskill and Palisades. There's always a bunch of take-out menus and other flyers inside as well :D
If you have a package too large for your mailbox, you will be notified via email and the package will be held in the New Union Basement
-Former Filmore resident

Is my BU Box Number the same as my Campus PO Box Number?

Yes, they are the same when picking up mail and packages. However, when mail is being sent to campus (or you send a mail to yourself), you must include the campus PO box as follows:

Student Name
BU Box ####
PO Box 6020
Binghamton, NY 13902-6020

For private couriers (UPS, FedEx, etc.), substitute 4400 Vestal Parkway East for the PO Box as they cannot deliver to PO box addresses:

BU Box ####
4400 Vestal Parkway East
Binghamton, NY 13902

I am an Alumni from class 2008, I need information of my past addresses that I resided in during the past 10 years. How can I find out the address to my old dorm where I resided from 2004-2006? I remember I stayed in Dickinson community but, I forgot the B.U. Box #.

Try contacting the reslife office. Contact information can be found here:

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