Val Hampton, Chief Diversity Officer


What Binghamton University has initiated and implemented to ensure that we create and sustain a welcoming and respectful campus for all persons, regardless of identity. Read the message

edison alulema, class of 16

UDiversity spotlight

Edison Alulema, a native of Queens, New York double majoring in Economics and Sociology is UDiversity. Edison is of Ecuadorian and El Salvadorian descent, plays the flute and is a member of the Brazilian Jiu Jutsu Team. | more spotlights

Gender Neutral Restroom

Diversity NEWS

Gender Neutral Restrooms are now available across Binghamton's campus. Find out locations.

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For our students diversity matters because Diversity is Strength! Watch to learn more at #udiversity #binghamtonu

Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DEI, in partnership with the campus community, works to foster a diverse and inclusive culture that is welcoming for all students, faculty, staff and the Greater Binghamton community.

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