The Decker School of Nursing at Binghamton University will continue its role as a leading institution in Nursing Education, and over the next five years will emerge as a major contributor to Nursing Research and healthcare advancement.


Our mission is to disseminate and advance knowledge about human health care, health promotion and the treatment of illness in individuals, families and communities, with an emphasis on rural and other vulnerable populations. Students educated in our programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels will be able to practice Nursing from an evidence base. Consistent with its tradition as a public institution, the School will provide educational access and support to culturally and economically diverse students in an established culture of diversity, respect, and success with coursework and clinical experiences designed to promote socially just and competent care of all persons.

The ultimate goals of the School are to prepare future leaders in Nursing, healthcare, and healthcare research, and to promote the research and scholarship of its faculty and students, with a particular focus on solving the most challenging health problems in rural and other vulnerable populations, consonant with the goals of a research-intensive University. Finally, using additional strategies, the School will continue to educate the public and other professionals about emerging and established healthcare regimens.

Last Updated: 2/24/14