Certificate in Disaster Management

This program is open to both matriculated graduate and post master's graduate students in the Decker School of Nursing who are interested in Disaster Management. Graduates of this certificate program are prepared to develop and implement educational programs for first responders, community-based organizations, voluntary organizations and academic institutions. Because the Community Health Nursing masters' program grant serves public health agencies in rural areas, and many of the employees of these agencies are unable to attend a 3 hour class on a weekly basis, the Certificate is offered in an online format. However, each course meets three times per semester on campus. These classes: allow the students and faculty to meet each other, offer instruction on Blackboard, allow for hazmat demonstrations, drills and tabletops, and allow students to present their projects. The Certificate in Disaster Management requires the successful completion of four (3 credit) graduate courses in disaster management for a total of 12 credits. The following courses are required:

Program Plan

Courses Title Credits
N540 Essentials of Epidemiology and Biostatistics 3
N546 Community Health Response to Emerging Health Threats 3
N547 Community Response to Disaster Preparedness 3
N549 Community Health's Response to Chemical and Radiological Incidents 3
Total Credits 12


This new certificate program will be offered to master's level students in the community health nurse practitioner, educator or administrator roles, as well as to those currently holding a masters degree in nursing, who wish to expand their knowledge base to include a Certificate in Disaster Management. Public Health Nurses and Emergency Preparedness Specialists are also encouraged to take the certificate program.

Students interested in participating in the Certificate in Disaster Management should contact:

Gale A. Spencer Ph.D, RN:
Phone: 607-777-6003
E-mail: gspencer@binghamton.edu

In the semester in which you complete the requirements for the Disaster Management certificate, notify Jennie Orton and provide a transcript. She will ensure that the Certificate is awarded and noted on the student's official transcript. A Certificate will then be issued.

Last Updated: 3/11/16