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This form must be completed​ ​and submitted​,​ at least 24 hours prior to the established due date, if you are requesting ​consideration for a delay in the established due date of either a written assignment or an exam​.​

This form needs to be completed and submitted, before the scheduled start time, if you will be absent from any scheduled clinical experience.


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Please review the admissions transfer student page for additional transfer course information.

Decker School of Nursing Financial Aid Opportunities

Scholarships for Currently Enrolled Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

Please bring completed forms to the Decker School Dean's Suite, Academic Building B, Room 108.

Graduate Student Funding Opportunities:

Please bring completed forms to the Decker School Dean's Suite, Academic Building B, Room 108.

The following are brief descriptions of the funding opportunities available to Graduate nursing students:


These positions require 16-20 hours of service per week for the school. Responsibilities generally include clinical laboratory support in undergraduate nursing courses or support of the school's grant and research activities. In return, they include a tuition scholarship and stipend. Full-time study is required.


These positions do not require service to the school. They usually include a tuition scholarship and a stipend. Full-time study is required.

Other Assistantships:

Other offices and programs of the University have graduate assistantships available. These may be in the Residential Life Complex, the Career Development Center, the Physical Education Department, the Vice Provost's Office or other offices on campus. All provide tuition scholarships and stipends, and all require service to the office or the program awarding the assistantship.

Loans/Work Study:

NEW (2013-14): There is a now loan money available for DNP students only from the Skelly Foundation. You may e-mail Jennie Orton for further information.

Graduate nursing loans and a special graduate student College Work Study program are available to graduate nursing students. Awards from these sources are dependent on demonstrated need as noted on the financial aid form filed with the Financial Aid Office on campus. More information on these forms of financial support can be obtained directly from the Financial Aid Office (607) 777-2428.

Students can apply by forwarding a letter of request the appropriate campus office. Decisions are based upon the information provided by the applicant, their academic merit, choice of program of study and the availability of funds. It should be noted that all financial support described above, with the exception of some loans requires full-time study and maintenance of good academic standing and the expectation is that the student not accept supplemental employment or additional service obligations beyond the graduate student support award.

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Last Updated: 5/16/16