Baccalaureate Accelerated Track (BAT) Program

NOTE: Licensed RNs with baccalaureate degrees in fields other than nursing will want to access the RN Program and RN Accelerated Program information. For general transfer information, see the Transfer Program.

Admission Requirements

Applicants are required to hold a bachelor's or graduate degree in another field. Consideration for admission is given to applicants with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (on 4.0 scale) and a minimum 3.0 average in the following prerequisite courses:

These prerequisite courses** consist of:

  • two composition courses
  • two semesters of human anatomy and physiology*
  • two semesters in general chemistry* (including principles of inorganic, organic and biochemistry)
  • microbiology*
  • introductory psychology
  • developmental psychology
  • statistics

*The Decker School of Nursing may require comprehensive examinations in prerequisites or a repeat of coursework if taken more than 10 years ago.

**All courses must be taken for at least three credits. It is expected that anatomy, chemistry, microbiology, and physiology include a laboratory component.

Candidates may wish to contact the Decker School with questions about transfer courses. Any required prerequisites may be taken at accredited colleges and universities or at Binghamton and must be completed prior to beginning the program.

Potential for success in the program is assessed based on prior academic achievement, personal statement, resume, references, ability to study full time for one calendar year, and evidence of prior work or volunteer experience that enhances knowledge of current nursing practice (preferred but not essential).

Degree Requirements

In order to meet the Bachelor of Science degree requirements, students with a baccalaureate or graduate degree in another field complete all upper-division course requirements in the nursing major in addition to the prerequisites. Students are admitted with junior standing and complete 52 credits of required nursing courses at the university. The total number of credits for the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in nursing is 128.

NOTE: A two year non-accelerated program plan for students with a baccalaureate or graduate degree in another field consisting of 52 credits of nursing course work is also available.

Click here for the Program Plan of Study for Baccalaureate Accelerated Track (BAT) students

Application and Admission Process

Application Deadline: Applications and supporting materials for the next academic year are due by November 15th. It is important to apply by the application deadline. Late applications can be submitted, but will be reviewed based on space availability in the program at the time of application. Admission to the program is competitive as space is limited.

Application Review and Notification Timeline: Most admission decisions are made during January and February. Therefore, it is important that you submit all of your supporting application materials by the November 15th deadline.

Enrollment Deposit Deadline: Admitted students must submit their enrollment deposit by April 1st, or within 20 days of the date printed on their admission letter, whichever is later.

Application Instructions:

1. Complete and submit a transfer application online. You may submit the "SUNY" or the "Common" application.

2. As directed with the application instructions, have official transcripts sent to Undergraduate Admissions Binghamton University.

3. Upload the following required materials to complete your BAT application online:

a) Resume of work and educational experience

b) List of in progress coursework

By September 16th, Undergraduate Admissions will begin sending email notifications to students who have applied. It will contain a login and instructions on how to upload documents required for review of your application. You will also be able to check the status of your application to see if there are any additional items you need to provide. In the meantime, please contact Undergraduate Admissions with any questions.

Financial Assistance

For information on financial aid, please see Binghamton University's Financial Aid web site.

Currently enrolled nursing students may be eligible for special aid programs including loans and local grants. The Decker School of Nursing offers a limited number of scholarships with specific eligibility criteria, including merit and/or residency requirements. The application deadline for these scholarships is March 1. Admitted students may obtain applications directly from the Decker School.

Undergraduate Costs

For more information about standard tuition and fees, see Binghamton University's Student Account Homepage.

Click here to see costs associated with program enrollment that students incur beyond University tuition and fees. NOTE: The figures itemized on the attached are estimated costs and are typically less than portrayed based on variations in the students' actual cost to purchase insurance coverage, textbooks, medical supplies, their distance traveled to clinical sites, etc.

Last Updated: 2/10/16