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Associate Professor

AB 302
Decker School of Nursing
Binghamton University
Phone: (607) 777-5411

Mary Muscari is an Associate Professor and Director of the O'Connor Office for Rural Studies at the Decker School of Nursing. She received her PhD and postmasters in psychiatric nursing from Adelphi University, her postmasters in forensic nursing from Duquesne University, her masters in pediatric nursing from Columbia University, and her masters in criminology from Regis University. She is nationally certified as a pediatric nurse practitioner, psychiatric clinical specialist, and advanced practice forensic nurse.


  • Youth violence
  • Sexual offending
  • Parenting


Two books currently in development with Springer Publishing, and Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins.

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08/09/2013 – Muscari, M. Parenting as School Violence Prevention. 5th Annual Forensic Psychiatry Conference. Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY.

04/20/2013 – Muscari, M. Rescuing Childhood: The PNP Imperative. National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners 34th Annual Conference scoring Big for Children's Health. Orlando, Fl. Endnote Speaker.

11/02/2012 – Muscari, M. Child Molesters. Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners 10th Annual Conference. State College, PA.

06/07/2012 – Muscari, M. Mean People: Bullying Across the LifeSpan. Pennsylvania Emergency Nurses Association Horizons 2012. State College, PA. Keynote Speaker.

06/07/2012 – Muscari, M. Child Molesters: One Size Does Fit All. Pennsylvania Emergency Nurses Association Horizons 2012. State College, PA.

03/11/2011 – Muscari, M. Rural Forensic Nursing: It's Not Just About Dead People. Idaho State University The Northwest Rural Nurse Residency & The Rural Nurse Organization. Webinar.

10/28/2010 -- Muscari, M., Atav, A., & Siebold-Simpson, S. This Ain't That Cable Porn: Pornography and Sexual Offending. International Association of Forensic Nurses 18th Scientific Assembly. Ending Violence: Leading the Health Care Response October 27-30, 2010. Pittsburgh, PA.

06/25/2010 -- Hidden agendas: Munchausen and Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths. The 2nd Leir Conference on Child Maltreatment Prevention. Leir Retreat Center, Ridgefield, CT.

06/25/2010 -- Vexting to Sexting: Teens, tech toys and cyberbullying. The 2nd Leir Conference on Child Maltreatment Prevention. Leir Retreat Center, Ridgefield, CT. (invited speaker)

05/12/2010 – Let Kids be Kids: RPC Nurses Rescuing Childhood. Rockland Psychiatric Center,
Orangeburg, NY. Keynote Speaker.

11/04/2009 – "Gazing at the Crystal Ball: Violence Risk Assessment." NYS Office of Mental Health Annual Psychiatric Nursing Conference. Ellensville, NY.

09/16/2009 – Let Kids be Kids: NFP Nurses Rescuing Childhood! PA Chapter of Nurse Family Partnership Annual Conference. Gettysburg, PA. Keynote Speaker

07/01/2009 – "Mean People: Bullying Across the Lifespan." Bullying across the Lifespan: Recognizing its Many Faces. N.Y.S. Region of the Society of Pediatric Nurses. Valhalla, NY. Keynote Speaker.

05/28/2009 – "Let Kids be Kids: A Positive Approach to Parenting." Lackawanna MH/MR. Scranton, PA. Keynote Speaker.

05/01/2009 – "Big Shootings in Small Towns: Mass Murder and Mental Health. Conversations in the Discipline: Mental Health Disparities in NY and Surrounding Areas. Binghamton, NY.

05/01/2009 – "Bad Boys, Bad Girls, What Ya Gonna Do? Raising Nonviolent Kids." Conversations in the Discipline: Mental Health Disparities in NY and Surrounding Areas. Binghamton, NY.

03/21/2009 – Let Kids be Kids: School Nurses Rescuing Childhood. School Nurses: The REAL American Idols. NJS School Nurse Association (NJSSNA) Annual Conference, Etontown, NJ. Endnote Speaker.

11/06/2008 – "Honey, I stunted the Kids! Factors that Inhibit Growth & Development in Children 0-5." Changing Issues in a Changing World. Susquehanna County Coalition for the Prevention of Child abuse & Children & Youth Services, Montrose, PA. Keynote Speaker.

05/23/2008 – "Child Molesters: Keeping it All in the Family, or not." Danbury Hospital 10th Annual Child Abuse Conference. Danbury, CT

AJN Book of the Year – 2010
NYS Region of the Society of Pediatric Nurses Advocacy for Children Award – 2009
Graduation Speaker for McCann School of Business - 2007
Northeast Woman - Scranton Times-Tribune - 2006
University of Scranton College of Professional Studies Distinguished Service Award - 2005-2006
NAPNAP President's Choice Article - January/February 2004
NP in the Spotlight - Advance for Nurse Practitioners - August 2002
Ellen Rudy Clore Excellence in Writing Award - 1996

Dr. Muscari's research and works have also been well publicized. She has been interviewed by such publications as: Parents Magazine, Family Circle, Christian Science Monitor, Better Homes & Gardens, The Futurist, USAToday, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the LA Times. She was also interviewed by national and Canadian radio programs, including NPR and Ask Heloise.

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