Employee Assistance Workshops


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Employee Assistance Program Orientation – Do you have new employees in your department? Could your colleagues or staff use a reminder of what EAP is and how to access this confidential benefit? Upon request, the employee assistance professionals at Binghamton University can provide a brief onsite orientation of services at staff and departmental meetings. The EAP can also customize workshops to address a department’s or work group’s professional needs (i.e. Work-Life Balance, Stress Management, and Grief Support). Contact the EAP office at eap@binghamton.edu or call #777-6655 to schedule an appointment.


Women’s Health Series with Decker School of Nursing Faculty


Sexuality and Libido in Menopause: “I have a headache!”

Wednesday, September 21                12 – 1 pm

Location: UUW-325

Menopause can considerably change desire and libido in a variety of ways. This can become an added stress in relationships that may already be coping with transitional issues, such as aging parents, parenting teenage and young adult children, and life changes associated with retirement. This presentation will discuss how we change sexually during the perimenopausal and menopausal transition of life. Coping mechanisms and self-help measures will be identified to support maintaining healthy sexual relationships in an effort to learn to adjust to this new phase of life. Sponsored by the Employee Assistance Program. 


Cognition Changes Related to Menopause: “Where did I leave my...?”

Wednesday, October 19                     12 – 1 pm

Location:  UUW-324

Participants will explore the issues facing women with regards to mental health as they age. This will include understanding symptoms related to cognition, anxiety, depression, and grief while also learning effective coping strategies to attain a sense of wellness and relief.  Sponsored by the Employee Assistance Program. 


Physical Changes in Perimenopause and Menopause: “Is It Hot In Here or Is It Me?”

Wednesday, November 16                 12 – 1 pm

Location: UUW-325

As the baby boomers continue to age, more and more women are entering menopause. Life transitions related to menopause can be challenging and disruptive for some women. This presentation will discuss the physical and emotional changes that may occur during menopause and the peri-menopausal years leading up to menopause. A review of the physiological basis for these changes will be discussed along with life style modifications that can be considered to improve quality of life. A brief discussion regarding common pharmacological treatment options will also be identified. Sponsored by the Employee Assistance Program. 


EAP/ODEI/Ombudsman: Understanding Campus Resources

Tuesday, September 20          12 – 1:30 pm

Location: UUW-324

The Binghamton University Ombudsman, the Employee Assistance Program and the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion would like to welcome faculty and staff to a panel presentation that will focus on defining their roles and the benefits of these services that lend support to students, faculty, and staff. During this presentation case examples will assist participants in understanding the similarities and differences between these offices with a specific emphasis placed on the parameters of confidentiality. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions regarding policies, practices, and procedures. Sponsored by the Employee Assistance Program. 


Interpersonal Violence Presentation with Edwin Ortiz, MA.

Wednesday, September 28    12 – 1pm

Location:  UUW-324

There are an estimated 18,700 incidents of workplace violence in the United States each year that are associated with dating and domestic violence. The physical, psychological and social impact of interpersonal violence (IPV) can negatively impact ones productivity in the workplace. As we create a knowledgeable and supportive community at Binghamton University this seminar will inform participants of the signs of IPV, how to assist and what kinds of resources are available for someone in this situation. Edwin Ortiz, MA, Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology will present this topic for faculty and staff. Sponsored by the Employee Assistance Program. 


Memory Maker Project: Art and Alzheimer’s Discussion and Demonstration

Monday, October 3                 10 am – 12 pm

Location:  Old O’Connor 162 – Alumni Lounge

The Memory Maker Project's vision and passion unleashes the creative voice of people living with memory loss in the Southern Tier. Christina Muscatello, Ed. M will show how the arts can be used to reduce symptoms associated with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. If you or someone you love is living with memory loss, the program--made possible by the Memory Maker Project--may offer something unique and enduring. Information on community resources will be available. Co-sponsored by the Employee Assistance Program and Retiree Services.

Gongs, Singing Bowls, and Tuning Forks: The Therapeutic Value of Sound

Tuesday October 11                12 – 1 pm

Location:  University Art Museum

Sound and vibrations can have a beneficial effect to ease stress and tensions caused by busy lives and hectic schedules.  Gong sessions can induce meditative feelings for relaxation and enhance the quality of better patterns.  Sound instrument performer and teacher, Jeff Gregory offers a 20 minute gong session and discussion on the benefits of sound on the body.  Join us for a relaxing and informative hour.  Co-sponsored by the Employee Assistance Program and University Retiree Services.


Mind and Body: Yoga & Mindfulness for Work/Life Balance

Tuesday October 18                12 – 1pm

Location:  University Art Museum

Come learn a little about why Yoga and Mindfulness are powerful strategies for stress reduction, over all well-being and work/life balance with University Counseling Center ‘s Kate Shinko, PhD and Amy Fitzpatrick, MSW.   Concrete and practical strategies will be offered for stress reduction and mood management through increased body awareness and a calm mind.   Chairs are provided or bring your yoga mat. Co-sponsored by the Employee Assistance Program and University Retiree Services.


EAP Supervisory Training: Navigating the Tough Issues

Wednesday, November 30     10 am – 12 pm

Location: ITC Murray Hill Road, Boyer Room

If you are a new (or seasoned) supervisor and would like to know how the Employee Assistance program can assist you in your supervisory duties, this workshop will provide an overview of the Binghamton University EAP program and how best to make an appropriate referral. Did you know that on average, 25%-40% of a manager’s time is spent on workplace conflicts? EAP is an effective resource to help in these situations. Topics of discussion will include identifying your responsibilities as they relate to performance management, work-place documentation and the positive use of EAP as a supervisory tool. All faculty and staff are welcome to attend. Lunch will be provided from 12:00-1:00pm for participants.



Seasonal Affective Disorder: Light Therapy presentation with Edwin Ortiz

Wednesday, December 21     12 – 1 pm

Location: University Union 124

Millions of people suffer with Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a mood disorder associated with depression and related to seasonal variations of light. Discovered 35 years ago, the condition affects over 4% of the population in the United States. Edwin Ortiz, a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program here at Binghamton University will discuss some useful options to treat SAD. Sponsored by the Employee Assistance Program. 


 Generations in the Workplace

Wednesday, January 11          11:30 am – 2 pm

Location: UUW-324

Much like a family, our workplace is represented by multiple ages and generations. Come learn more about characteristics, strategies and generally how to understand our multigenerational workforce here at Binghamton University at this session. Co-sponsored by the Employee Assistance Program and Human Resources, this workshop will help you understand the values and strengths in each generation in order to build a framework for success and collaboration. Sponsored by the Employee Assistance Program. 


Faculty and Staff Flu Vaccine Clinic

Wednesday, October 5    12:30pm – 2:00pm

Location:  University Union 102

Thursday October 13     7am – 12pm

Location: Physical Facilities

Employees are an organization’s most valued asset. Keeping employees healthy and productive can decrease health care costs and is important for the university’s ongoing success!  Annual flu immunizations are the single best way to protect employees from getting or spreading the flu. Binghamton University Employee Assistance Program is partnering with Rite Aid to sponsor two (2) campus Flu Vaccine Clinics to faculty, staff, dependents, and retirees. Health insurance billing will be managed by Rite Aid with NO co-pays or other fees. There is a small fee if uninsured or if insurance is not a participating provider. Register with UCTD. If there are questions contact an EAP coordinator at eap@binghamton.edu or call #777-6655.

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