The Employee Assistance Program at Binghamton University is an assessment, referral and consultation service available to University faculty, staff, graduate student employees, retirees and their dependents.

Assessment and Referral

EAP provides access to appropriate professional or community resources to help individuals dealing with a wide range of work and life concerns, including:

  • Marital problems
  • Family problems
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Emotional health issues
  • Domestic violence
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Workplace stress
  • Legal problems
  • Financial problems
  • Childcare issues
  • Eldercare issues
  • Lifestyle and wellness coaching

Supervisory Consultations

EAP offers confidential consultations to supervisors who would like assistance in referring an employee to EAP or in managing departmental issues.  Coordinators can assist supervisors in developing an appropriate plan to assess departmental or individual issues and provide referral resources where appropriate.  To schedule a supervisory consultation please call the EAP office at x76655.

Critical Incident Response

A "critical incident" is defined as an extraordinary event that significantly and negatively impacts one or more employees.  A critical incident may happen in or outside of the workplace.  Critical incidents include but are not limited to:

  • large scale natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, etc.)
  • employee fatalities
  • workplace violence
  • accidents that impact the workplace environment
  • significant illness of a co-worker

In the event of a critical incident, EAP can provide outreach, make referrals to appropriate community resources and share educational materials to ease stress and assist the area to recover and return to a stable and productive work environment.  If you believe your department would benefit from critical incident response services, please contact an EAP Coordinator to schedule an assessment.

Lending Library

The EAP Lending Library has books and CDs on a wide range of health and wellness issues available for your use at no charge. In addition, the use of light therapy lamps can be borrowed for up to 2-4 weeks. For a listing of books available to borrow please refer to this list.

Special Programs and Initiatives

  • A variety of smoking cessation resources are available to help individuals kick the tobacco habit
  • Our happiness portal webpage presents a wide range of ideas for small, simple changes that will help you manage stress and increase happiness
  • Noontime programs and presentations focusing on a variety of health and wellness issues are offered, learn more by visiting our programs webpage
  • EAP also offers several training programs for supervisors/managers on using EAP as a management tool; contact EAP for details

Last Updated: 1/6/17