Accelerated Degree Programs

4+1 BS/MS Engineering Program

A combined Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) degree program is available for motivated students working toward the BS in electrical or computer engineering. To be eligible, undergraduate students must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher after five semesters (fall semester, junior year). The application requirements for accelerated degree programs are the same as the application requirements for degree programs.

Students will earn both a BS and an MS in five years in this program.  Students should submit a departmental application to the Electrical and Computer Engineering 4+1 program in their Junior year so they can be tracked as accelerated students and advised appropriately.

Once admitted to the program, students begin taking graduate courses during their senior year. Up to three graduate courses taken in the students' senior year can count both toward their MS degree requirements and their senior elective requirements. By January 15 of the senior year, a formal application for Graduate School admission must be completed.  Assuming good performance through the rest of the year, acceptance by the Graduate School is assured.  The application as a 4+1 student does not require GRE or TOEFL scores, personal statements, resumes, transcripts or letters of recommendation.

After admission to the graduate program, students are encouraged to seek employment as a graduate research assistant in one of the department's research projects. The research experience gained in the summer after finishing the BS degree provides an excellent experience and a start on an MS thesis project. Typically this start on the MS thesis allows the completion of the MS thesis option in one academic year beyond the BS degree.

The expectation is that students in the program will complete the BS and MS degrees in five years. Students in the combined-degree program receive their BS degree after completing their undergraduate requirements. They must then continue as a full-time student in order for the graduate courses taken as an undergraduate to count toward the MS degree requirements. The MS degree is an excellent professional credential, which usually commands a substantially higher starting salary. The combined program offers the advantage of less time to degree completion, finishing the MS while a full-time student rather than an extended part-time program, and the ability to start employment at the master's level.

Accelerated information regarding the application process is available on the Graduate School's web site.  ECE Guidelines.  For questions, please e-mail Shelie or go to our Accelerated Program FAQ's

Watson/SOM Fast Track MBA Program

A combined Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree program provides Watson undergraduate students with the opportunity to complete their BS degree and MBA degree within five years. In order to complete this program, students will be required to take three core MBA courses during the junior and/or senior year. 

To apply as a junior for the Accelerated Program, please fill out the Application for Accelerated (4+1) BS/MS Engineering Program. Here is a link to the forms.

To apply to the Graduate School during your senior undergraduate year, please fill out the application on the Graduate School's website.
Instructions for the Accelerated Graduate Application are under the application link on their site.

Are you a current accelerated BS/MS Engineering student with a question? Please visit our FAQs for information about the Accelerated Program.  If you have a question that is not on our FAQs, please email Shelie.

Last Updated: 4/2/15