Faculty News

Craver received the 2014 Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service!

Choi's research featured on Discover-e

Li and Chen received a New NSF Grant - Intelligence Measure of Cognitive Radio Networks  tbing01@binghamton.edu

Jin received a New NSF Grant - Brain Password: Exploring A Psychophysiological Approach for Secure User Authentication

Klotzkin publishes new book



Student and Alumni News

A group of students took part in a Mario Kart Lego Edition Robot Race!

Check out what our alumni are doing!


Take the Virtual Tour

Spin around the new Microelectronics Core in this panorama. See panoramas of all our labs on our facilities page.

Also, check out the Grad School's virtual tour.

News and Notes

New ECE Graduate Directors

New Professors in Power & Energy- Professor Tara Dhakal and Professor Ziang Zhang

New Professors in Information Security- Professor Linke Guo & Professor Matthias Kirchner

More news and highlights here.

Electrical and Computer Engineering At Binghamton

We work with electrons, photons, circuits, and components,
but people are at the core of all we do. As electrical and computer engineers, our research and teaching revolve around electrical components, circuits and systems, as well as microprocessors, software and hardware. But what we really do is improve electronic and computer systems to make your life easier - and teach students to do the same.

Plus, we're good at teamwork. Check us out. Our Electrical and Computer Engineering programs are both accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

ECE Chair/Professor Position


Interested in Power and Energy?

The ECE Department has a new focus on power and energy, including a sequence of courses on power grids of all scales. Solar and other renewable technologies are also taught. This is one of our very active departmental research areas!

Assistant Professor Position Available - Tenure Track

Affiliated with the Smart Energy Transdisciplinary Area of Excellence 

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Last Updated: 4/24/15