Five Years of Unforgettable Experiences

Jason GibbsJason Gibbs

BS in EE, Binghamton, 2003
MS in EE, Binghamton, 2004
PhD in EE, Penn State University, 2008

Jason graduated from the ECE department's 3/2 combined BS/MS program in 2004 with focuses in signal processing and control theory. During his time in Binghamton, he developed close relationships with the department's faculty. Mark Fowler, professor of Electrical Engineering, was an instructor of five courses in the signal processing field that served as the basis for Jason's graduate studies and professional career. Victor Skormin, distinguished service professor of electrical engineering, was a mentor, thesis advisor, and employment counselor to Jason. Prof. Skormin's industrial contacts helped Jason secure internships at BAE Systems in Johnson City, N.Y. and at the United States Air Force Research Lab in Rome, N.Y. Prof. Skormin also arranged for several ECE students, including Jason, to visit Prague in the formation of an exchange program between Binghamton's ECE department and its counterpart at The Czech Technical University.

Binghamton's education and opportunities served Jason well. Upon graduation, he was accepted by Penn State to study medical image processing with fellowship and assistantship support. Jason's doctoral research at Penn State was under the advisement of William Higgins, distinguished professor of electrical engineering, where he focused on medical procedure planning and guidance. The objective of their work was diagnosing and treating lung cancer as imaged in computed tomography (CT) chest scans and videobronchosopy. Prof. Higgins' lab developed methods to fuse static three dimensional chest CT data with a live, dynamic 2D airway video feed. The fusion overlays guidance and targeting information - typically lesions that are located beyond the airway walls - into the video scene, allowing doctors to more effectively diagnose cancer at its earliest stages.

After his graduation from Penn State in 2008, Jason joined Broncus Medical, a small company that licensed from Penn State the technology comprising the bronchoscopic navigation system. Today, Jason remains with the company as a senior research and development imaging engineer, a position that exposes him to myriad research, design and business-related challenges. Broncus Medical's engineering team has brought to market a surgical guidance product that is being used across the world to help improve patients' lives. They continue to advance the field through novel research in experimental devices, software, and procedures to help doctors treat patients more safely and effectively.

Jason is grateful for the education and opportunities Binghamton University and the ECE department afforded him and is eager to meet and work with the department's students and graduates in his future endeavors.

Last Updated: 1/7/14