Choi, Seokheun Sean

Seokheun Choi

Assistant Professor

PhD – Arizona State University

Office Location: ES-2323
Phone: (607) 777-5913


Google Scholars:

Research/Teaching Focus:
Bioelectronics & Microsystems, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Manufacturing Technology, BioMEMS/MEMS/NEMS, Microfluidics, Biosensors, Biofuel Cells



Professor Choi has designed a biological solar cell that is a million times more effective than current technology. To read more about his research, check out: 

Professor Choi has been awarded a grant from NSF "An Origami Paper-Based Bacteria_Powered Battery for On-Chip Biosensors".  This research will advance the potential of paper battery to be fully integrated in paper-based microfluidic systems to power on-board components.

Binghamton Engineer Creates Origami Battery  Discover-e features Professor Choi's research about his inexpensive, bacteria-powered battery made from paper.

Origami Battery:  New Biosensing Technology Developed at Binghamton University - Time Warner Cable News

Last Updated: 5/24/16