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Bay, Johnbayj@binghamton.edu
Professor & Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Cybersecurity, model-based integration of complex systems, control theory, robotics and machine learning, data analytics, command-and-control.

ES- 1403


Betcher, Carl -  cbetcher@binghamton.edu
Digital hardware and digital system design, VHDL for synthesis and simulation of digital hardware, communication systems and computer networks



Chen, Yu -  ychen@binghamton.edu
Associate Professor & Graduate Director of Student Affairs
Security in computer networks, large scale distributed/Grid computer systems; Internet security protocols; Internet infrastructure security; trust, security, wireless privacy; embedded and pervasive computing; and reconfigurable /embedded computer architectures

Website: http://bingweb.binghamton.edu/~ychen/



Choi, Seokheun - sechoi@binghamton.edu
Assistant Professor
Bioelectronics & Microsystems, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Manufacturing Technology, BioMEMS/MEMS/NEMS, Biosensors and Biofuel Cells

Website: http://www.ws.binghamton.edu/choi/ 



Constable, James - constab@binghamton.edu
Professor Emeritus
Instrumentation; contact resistance; electrical noise; electronics packaging



Craver, Scott - scraver@binghamton.edu
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Director
Information security; cryptology; steganography; watermarking and DRM systems; security engineering

Website: http://bingweb.binghamton.edu/~scraver/



Dhakal, Tara P. - tdhakal@binghamton.edu
Assistant Professor
Renewable energy (Photovoltaics), Thin film semiconductor devices, Atomic layer deposition, Transparent conductors. Spintronics (Complex magnetic oxides and dilute magnetic semiconductors)



Dolgikh, Andrey - adolgikh@binghamton.edu
Visiting Research Assistant Professor  
Network and Computer Security, Security for Industrial Control Systems, Behavioral detection methods, Data and Graph Mining



Fowler, Mark  - mfowler@binghamton.edu
Distinguished Teaching Professor 
Digital signal processing; video compression; data compression for remote sensing; signal detection for defense environments; single-platform emitter location; wavelet transform theory and applications

Website: http://www.ws.binghamton.edu/fowler/



Fridrich, Jessica  - fridrich@binghamton.edu
Distinguished Professor
Steganography and steganalysis of digital images, digital forensics, signal estimation and detection, machine learning

Website: http://www.ws.binghamton.edu/fridrich/



Guo, Linke  - lguo@binghamton.edu
Assistant Professor
Network Security and Privacy, Wireless Network, Social Networks and eHealth/mHealth system

Website: http://www.ws.binghamton.edu/guo/



Jin, Zhanpeng -  zjin@binghamton.edu
Assistant Professor
Medical cyber physical systems, mobile and wearable computing and security issues in smart health, neural engineering, neuromorphic computing systems, low-power sensing and electronics

Website: http://harvey.binghamton.edu/~zjin/



Kirchner, Matthias  - kirchner@binghamton.edu
Assistant Professor
Multimedia security, media forensics, image and signal processing

Website: http://ws.binghamton.edu/kirchner/



Klotzkin, David - klotzkin@binghamton.edu
Associate Professor & Graduate Director of Administration 
Photonics and optoelectronics; organic light emitters and detectors; semiconductor lasers and modulators. Applications of photonics for integrated sensors

Website: binghamton.edu/ece/research/klotzkin/index.html



Li, Xiaohua - xli@binghamton.edu
Associate Professor
Signal processing in communications and wireless networks, cognitive radio networks, wireless information assurance, blind equalization

Website: http://www.ws.binghamton.edu/li/



Maynard, Jack - jmaynard@binghamton.edu
Project engineering, systems engineering, software engineering, safety-critical systems, embedded systems, industrial applications



Nikulin, Vladimir  - vnikulin@binghamton.edu
Associate Professor
Free-space laser communication, quantum communication, optical sensors, holographic analysis and measurements, electric drives and energy systems



Rastogi, Alok - arastogi@binghamton.edu
Associate Professor
Photovoltaic energy conversion materials and devices, thin film earth abundant semiconductors solar cells, organic solar cells and hybrid solar cells, electrochemical supercapacitor materials and devices for energy storage, nanomaterials, low power spintronics, and transparent electronics.



Sekyonda, Ivan - sekyonda@binghamton.edu
Digital hardware and digital logic design, VHDL/Verilog for synthesis and simulation of digital hardware, hardware security and computer networks.



Skormin, Victor - vskormin@binghamton.edu
Distinguished Service Professor
Modern control theory and applications (motion control, pointing-acquisition-tracking systems in laser communication, advanced process control) computer network/information security (behavioral approach to intrusion detection in cyber-physical systems)

Website: http://cait.binghamton.edu/skormin/



Summerville, Douglas  - dsummer@binghamton.edu
Professor & Interim Department Chair
Computer engineering, network security, intrusion detection

Website: http://www.ws.binghamton.edu/dsummer

 ES- 2312


Westgate, Roger - westgate@binghamton.edu
Professor Emeritus
Microwave circuits and devices, high-speed electronics.

Website: http://www.binghamton.edu/casp/people/index.html



Wu, N. Eva - evawu@binghamton.edu
Fault tolerant control

Website: http://www.ws.binghamton.edu/wuweb/



Zahorian, Stephen - zahorian@binghamton.edu
Speech communication, real-time digital signal processing, applications of microprocessors to biomedical engineering

Website: http://www.ws.binghamton.edu/zahorian



Zhang, Ziang (John) zhangzia@binghamton.edu
Assistant Professor
Power system operation and control, renewable energy system, distributed control, multi-agent system, cyber-physical system

Website:  http://ziang.binghamton.edu/



Zhou, Ning - ningzhou@binghamton.edu
Assistant Professor
Power system dynamic performance, phasor measurement unit (PMU) application, signal processing/system identification/control system and their application in power systems, smart grid, integration of renewable generation and smart appliances

Website: http://bingweb.binghamton.edu/~ningzhou/






Murphy, Kim - kmurphy@binghamton.edu
ECE Department Administrative Assistant





VanKuren, Shelie - svankure@binghamton.edu
ECE Graduate Secretary





Callahan, Lynn - lcallaha@binghamton.edu
ECE Undergraduate Secretary 





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