Research Presentations of MS and PhD Students

Research Days

Birnbaum, Zachary; Moat. Patricia

Dixit, Rahul; Hatfield, Ashley; and Zheng, Walter

English, Erik; Hung Alfredo; Keston, Evan; and Latulipe, David

Gui, Qiong

Ge, Zhongyang; Hu, Junjie

Moat, Patricia

Research Posters

Adusumilli, Siva P.

Akhlaghi, Shahrokh

Birnbaum, Zachary; O'Brien, Edward; Muller, Daniel

Dixit, Rahul

Fraiwan, Arwa

Ganta, Lakshmi K.

Ghorbaniparvar, Mohammadreza

Liu, Bingwei

Napoli, Michael E.

Pourhomayoun, Mohammad

Qin, Qui

Sadeghian, Roozbeh 

Sedighi, Vahid

Seymour, Michael

Sidhu, Navjot K.

Thankalekshmi, Ratheesh R.


Adusumilli, Siva Pramod - "Research at Center for Autonomous Solar Power" (.pdf coming soon), read Discover-E article here

Atakli, Idris - "BLINK: Brief-Lifetime Ink" (.pdf 1.79 mb)
Idris Atakli's Email:

Chen, Hao - "Application of NetFPGA in Network Security" (.pdf, 711.8kb)

Chen, Hao - "Network Anomaly Detection using SSA-Based Change-Point Detection_02_0307" (.pdf, 1.56 mb)

Dolgikh, Andrey - "Colored Petri Nets as the Enabling Technology in Intrusion Detection Systems" (.pdf, 114.8kb)

Ge, Yang - "Keeping Hot Chips Cool" (.pdf, 1.7mb)

Nykodym, Tomas - "Novel Information Attacks: from Carpet Bombings to Smart Bombs" (.pdf, 263.1kb)

VanTassel, Justin - "Detection of Covertly Embedded Hardware in Digital Systems" (.pdf, 135.9kb)

Wu, Jiang - "What Does Speech 'Look' Like to an Automatic Speech Recognition System?" (.pdf, 3.5mb)

Yu, Jun - "DSLR Lens Identification" (.pdf, 2.6mb)

A photo gallery of the Graduate Student Research Lunch event can be viewed here.

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