Research Videos

Aaron Carpenter

Watch Professor Aaron Carpenter's Research Video.

Professor Carpenter focuses on chip-multiprocessors, on-chip interconnect networks, computer architecture/microarchitecture, VLSI design, and the use and integration of emerging technology in microprocessor design

Yu Chen

Watch Professor Yu Chen's Research Video.

Security in computer networks and large scale distributed/Grid computer systems; Internet security protocols; Internet infrastructure security; trust, security, and privacy in wireless; embedded and pervasive computing; and reconfigurable /embedded computer architectures


Watch Professor Scott Craver's Research Videos about information hiding and information security.

"Information security is something of a cat-and-mouse game: You try to detect; I try to evade," Craver says. And, in a field were the tiniest of tinkering leaves a trace, you need to think like an attacker. "The only way to figure out flaws in a security system is by figuring out how you'd break it.


Watch Professor Fowler's Research Video.

Professor Fowler's Research Interests are: Emitter Location, Estimation Theory, Data Compression, Sensor Networks, Electronic Warfare Systems


"Uncovering Secret Messages" - Professor Jessica Fridrich
Cameras have Fingerprints
Hiding in Plain Sight
Match digital photos to the cameras that took them

Fridrich research at risk

Specializing in all aspects of information hiding in digital imagery, including watermarking for authentication, tamper detection, self-embedding, robust watermarking, steganography and steganalysis, forensic analysis of digital images (detection of forgeries) and advanced image processing and encryption techniques. My earlier research interests were in chaotic nonlinear dynamical systems and dynamical systems modeling.

Zhanpeng Jin

Watch Professor Zhanpeng Jin's research video.

Professor Jin is interested in medical cyber physical systems and instrumentation, sensor-enabled embedded systems, reconfigurable computing, hardware systems (FPGA/SoC/VLSI/ASIC) and electronic devices design, neural networks and neuromorphic systems, computer architecture and microprocessors


Watch Professor Klotzkin's research video.
Microfluidics, Fiber Optic Communication and OLEDs

Professor Klotzkin's research interests are:  Photonics and optoelectronics; organic light emitters and detectors; semiconductor lasers and modulators. Applications of photonics for integrated sensors, microfluorescence, lab-on-a-chip and microfluidic sensors.


Watch Professor Li's Research Video.

"My research interests are in the areas of signal processing in communications and wireless networks. My current work includes channel equalization, CDMA multiuser detection, OFDM modulation and transmission, cognitive radio networks, distributed wireless networks with cooperative transmissions.   also work in wireless information assurance." - Professor Li

Vladimir Nikulin

Watch Professor Vladimir Nikulin's research video.

Free-space laser communication, quantum communication, optical sensors, holographic analysis and measurements

Watch Professor Rastogi's research video.

Microelectronics; thin film devises (photovoltaics)


Watch Professor Victor Skormin's Research Video.

Unmasking Hacking

Professor Skormin's research interests:  modern control theory and applications (motion control, pointing-acquisition-tracking systems in laser communication, novel robotics-based gimbals systems, high-performance hybrid laser positioning systems); computer network/information security (biological approach to system information security, detection of self-replication in malicious codes, immunocomputing); mathematical modeling and system optimization; technical diagnostics (system diagnostics for power generators and avionics)


Watch Professor Stephen Zahorian's Research Video.

Professor Zahorian's research interests are: speech communication, real-time digital signal processing and applications of microprocessors to biomedical engineering.

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