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(Information security; cryptology; steganography; watermarking and DRM systems; security engineering)


Scott Craver talks about information hiding and information security.

In this video from the Bold, Brilliant, Binghamton campaign launch Scott Craver, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, talks about his work in information hiding and information security. His research focuses on undetectable, covert communication that can be used for proof of ownership, copy protection and evading censorship.

"Information security is something of a cat-and-mouse game: You try to detect; I try to evade," Craver says. And, in a field were the tiniest of tinkering leaves a trace, you need to think like an attacker. "The only way to figure out flaws in a security system is by figuring out how you'd break it.

In 2009, Craver was chosen as one of 100 recipients of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). He's the first Binghamton University faculty to earn a PECASE -- the highest honor bestowed by the federal government during the early years of a scientist or engineer's career.

Bold, Brilliant, Binghamton. The campaign for Binghamton University celebrates progress, as well as the people, on whose shoulders we stand, while also motivating us to fulfill our promise to future generations.

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Last Updated: 8/5/14