The Department of Economics at Binghamton University

The Department of Economics offers BA, BS, MA and PhD degrees.



The BA provides undergraduates with comprehensive exposure to the principles and tools of economics. BS degrees with specializations in economic analysis, financial economics, and economic policy analysis offer more focused curricula for undergraduates planning advanced study or careers in economics, financial analysis, or government.

The graduate program offers specializations in econometrics, environmental economics, labor economics, advanced macroeconomics and public economics under the supervision of nationally recognized scholars on its faculty, and in economics and finance in cooperation with the School of Management. The program has recently been ranked 10th and 19th amongst all PhD granting institutions in the United States in the fields of agricultural and natural resource economics, and economic history, respectively. Recipients of MA and PhD degrees pursue a wide variety of careers in higher education, economic forecasting, research, and policy analysis.

Housed on the 9th and 10th floors of the Library Tower, the department is currently home to 20 regular and 4 visiting faculty. We offer approximately 75 undergraduate courses annually to about 1,000 majors and hundreds of non-majors. We also have about 50 graduate students in residence.

Economics Department
Binghamton University
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Last Updated: 12/19/16