Graduate Handbook

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Graduate TA Handbook (.pdf)
Instructor's Handbook (.pdf)

This handbook is intended to give graduate students in the Economics Department information which will be useful to them during their academic careers. If information is readily available elsewhere, references are made to other sources, chiefly the University Bulletin and the university's Graduate School Manual.

Main Text (.pdf)

Appendix 1 (.pdf) – MA Requirements

Appendix 2 (.pdf) – MA Course Sequences

Appendix 3 (.pdf) – SOM & PAFF Courses

Appendix 4 (.pdf) – PhD Course Requirements

Appendix 5 (.pdf) – PhD Course Sequences

Appendix 6 (.doc) – PhD Econ /Fin Application

Appendix 7 (.pdf) – Prospectus Progress (Form A)

Appendix 8 (.doc) – 3rd Year Paper (Form B)

Appendix 9 (.pdf) – Prospectus Rules

Appendix 10 (.doc) – Overload & Out of Dept Request (Form C)

Appendix 11 (.pdf) – TA/GA Renewal Policy Statement

Appendix 12 (.pdf) – Grievance Procedures

Appendix 13 (.pdf) – Harassment Procedures

Appendix 14 (.doc) – Personal Data Sheet

Last Updated: 8/25/14