Active Alert: Classes canceled rest of today and tomorrow

B-ALERT:Due to forecast, all classes effective 4:30pm today Nov 25 are canceled. There will be no classes Wednesday Nov 26. Adjust travel plans accordingly.

Alert updated: Tuesday, November 25, 2014 3:50 PM


Department Officers

Florenz Plassmann
LT 908 | 607-777-4304

Barry Jones
Director of Undergraduate Studies
LT 902 | 607-777-4795

Neha Khanna
Director of Graduate Studies
LT 1004 | 607-777-2689

Bong Joon Yoon
Co-Director of Graduate Admissions
LT 1016 | 607-777-2987

Zili Yang
Director of MA Program
LT 917 | 607-777-4726
Wei Xiao
Co-Director of Graduate Admissions
LT 905 | 607-777-4351

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Faculty with Joint Appointments with Economics

Non-Tenure-Track Faculty



Last Updated: 9/1/14