Fire Prevention

The EH&S Fire safety program includes the following: 

• Respond to fire alarm activation

• Test and inspect fire sprinkler systems in all buildings

• Test and inspect fire alarm systems in all buildings

• Inspect buildings for fire safety compliance

• Accompany regulatory inspectors

• Coordinated fire extinguisher maintenance and service

• Issue permits for campfires, hot work, fire system impairments, confined space, tents, theatrical indoor/outdoor flame effects, fireworks, sukkah's

• Conduct campus fire drills, fire system testing

• Provide fire safety and fire extinguisher training as needed

• Coordinate with Binghamton University's Emergency Response Team


Common NYS Fire Inspection Violations 

Common Violations by Building Type


Fire Safety Brochures


Additional resources

The Environmental Health and Safety department at Binghamton University has recent partnered with the team at bringing together our mutual goal for fire safety and personal service.
Take some time to look over their website and all it has to offer. Their programs and education is a beneficial way to learn about the industry and to learn safety skills that could save a life. Maybe even yours!

Fire Safety and Education for College Students

This quick guide will discuss in detail the students responsibility as a member of the Binghamton University community. The information in the guide is relevant to all students that live on campus and even off campus.

For additional information please contact our Fire Safety team at:

Last Updated: 5/6/16