Feedback from ELP Participants

Here's what past student participants have to say about their involvement in the ELP!
  • "It's a great opportunity for networking!"
  • "The Knowledge Community themes are a great fit for discussing leadership."
  • "The program provides a warm, friendly environment."
  • "I learned ideas for how to get involved."
  • "I gained a lot from the ELP.  I made friends I wouldn't have met and gained valuable experience in communication and team work."
  • "I gained a unique perspective regarding the meaning of leadership and the impact it can have on others by reflecting on my own past experiences and finding meaning in what I had learned."
  • "I learned about my strengths and how to use them to work well together in a group."
  • "I found the program meaningful, as it helped me focus on strengths I was not aware of before."
  • "Before the ELP, I thought team and leadership opposed one another, but now I realize they are often one and the same,"
  • "The program has been a great way to meet new people and leaders on campus and throughout the community." 
  • "The Service Learning Project was a positive experience that both challenged me and helped the development of my key leadership traits."
  • "I got to know and work with a great group of students and we still keep in touch!"
  • "I would highly recommend this program to incoming first-year students.  I learned a great deal about leadership."
  • "Because of my ELP involvement, I feel ready to go through the application process for a BU peer leader position."

Last Updated: 3/16/16