Semester Schedule Overview

Throughout the fall, ELP students meet weekly within their KC, participate in a "Leadership and Life Skills" workshop series and special-topic programs (see below). As part of putting leadership into practice, new student participants initiate, develop and implement a service-learning project centered on their KC theme - much of the planning and implementation for the project takes place outside of the weekly one-hour KC meeting.  There are special opportunities for all ELP participants to come together at selected times through the fall semester for both community building and program-wide professional development events. 

fall 2016 schedule

The fall 2016 schedule includes:

  • The ELP Kick Off program, scheduled for 3:15-6:00 p.m. Wednesday, Aug.24, which includes activities to connect and begin the fall program.
  • The "ELymPics", scheduled for 4:30-6:00 p.m. Friday, September 2, provided as a community-building event for all ELP student participants.
  • The Student Leadership Panel, scheduled for 5:00-6:00 p.m. on Friday, October 7, providing time to meet, network and learn about leadership challenges and opportunities through the eyes of current student leaders
  • The Administrative Leadership Panel, scheduled for 5-6pm on Monday, October 17, providing an opportunity to interact and hear from Binghamton University administrators who practice leadership every day through their campus roles.
  • The Leadership-in-Action networking program, scheduled for 4:30-6:30 p.m. Friday, November 4, provided as an opportunity to interact and network in individual and small group discussions with senior-level faculty, staff, alumni and community leaders, to discuss insights and perspectives about leadership. 
  • The Poster Symposium and Closing Programscheduled for 4:15-6:15 p.m. Friday, December 2, where the ELP new students in each KC present their service-learning project activities, culminating in the awarding of certificates and a closing ceremony, followed by a final KC team meeting (during the week of December 5-9).

New student participant attendance is required at all six of the programs listed above, and is applied toward the ELP leadership certificate (described below). 

Expected Time Commitment and Activities

In order to maximize the ELP experience, new students need to commit to being actively involved in the various ELP program meetings, events and projects. ELP new student participants should expect to spend approximately TWO HOURS/WEEK involved with the program.

The following highlights anticipated new student time commitments and requirements for attainment of the ELP leadership certificate:

  • attendance at weekly one-hour KC meetings throughout the fall semester (meeting times for the fall '16 KCs will be posted later this spring: )
  • completion of five one-hour "Leadership and Life Skills" workshops offered regularly from mid-September until mid November (new student participants must attend a total of five workshops through the semester, one of which is offered during a weekly KC meeting). Required workshop attendance topics include presentation and public speaking skills, professionalism and networking, and group dynamics.  Optional workshops (students choose two) will cover topics such as communication skills, conflict resolution and personality styles, leadership and ethics, optimizing your time, and more.  Specific workshop titles and dates will be announced at the beginning of the fall semester, as part of the "attend 5" certificate requirements.
  • participation in professional development and social themed ELP-wide events (listed above, under "Semester Schedule Overview").  Students must attend each of these six programs (Kick-Off, "ELymPics", Student Leadership Panel, Administrative Leadership Panel, Leadership in Action and Poster Symposium/Closing).
  • participation in regular group meetings in addition to the weekly KC meeting, initiating, planning and implementing your Service Learning Project in the local community - timing varies
  • Time spent outside of KC meetings, preparing your team project presentation, video presentation component and poster for the end-of-semester ELP Poster Symposium/Closing - timing varies
  • Individual meetings with KC Leadership Team members:  Periodic individual meetings with your ELP Mentors, Faculty and Staff Program Advisors (to discuss your interests, questions, the KC, leadership topics, campus resources, etc.)



Last Updated: 7/6/16