Fall 2014 Undergraduate Course Assistants

The following Undergraduate Course Assistants assist faculty in WTSN 103:

Alyssa Alonso
Section 51 with George Weinschenk
Email: aalonso2@binghamton.edu

Michelle Cerniglia
Section 52 with Sharon Fellows
Email: mcernig1@binghamton.edu

Kerry Donnelly
Section 53 with Sharon Fellows
Email: kdonnel2@binghamton.edu

Ryan Eckhoff
Section 50 with Sharon Fellows
Email: reckhof1@binghamton.edu

Lauren Famigette
Section 54 with Erika Patterson
Email: lgamigh1@binghamton.edu

Hallie Friedman
Section 59 with Claudia Martin
Email: hfriedm3@binghamton.edu

Dan Huang
Section 62 with Erika Patterson
Email: dhuang19@binghamton.edu

Lillian Kravitz
Section 58 with Erika Patterson
Email: lkravit1@binghamton.edu

Greg Linden
Section 60 with Wendy Neuberger
Email:  glinden1@binghamton.edu

Alex Linkoff
Section 57 with Claudia Martin
Email:  alinkof1@binghamton.edu

Ariel Ruck
Section 55 with George Weinschenk
Email: aruck1@binghamton.edu

Stephanie Tsalwa
Section 56 with George Weinschenk
Email: stsalwa1@binghamton.edu

Colleen Turner
Section 61 with Erika Patterson
Email:  cturner5@binghamton.edu

The following Undergraduate Course Assistants assist faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants in WTSN 111 labs:

Tom Bonney
Lab Section A55 with Josie Elwell
Email: tbonney1@binghamton.edu

David Feigenbaum
Lab Section A59 with Niko Brown
Email: dfeigen1@binghamton.edu

Liam Foody
Lab Section A56 with Josie Elwell
Email:  lfoody1@binghamton.edu

Taylor Goudreau
Lab Section A53 with Chris Maiorana
Email: tgoudre1@binghamton.edu

Emily Hill
Lab Section A60 with Koen Gieskes
Email: ehill2@binghamton.edu

Colleen Kelly
Lab Section A61 with Koen Gieskes
Email: ckelly18@binghamton.edu

Allyson Kritzer
Lab Section A50 with Dr. Mike Elmore
Email: akritze1@binghamton.edu

Monika Nowak
Lab Section A52 with Niko Brown
Email: mnowak2@binghamton.edu

Melanie Richardson
Lab Section A54 with Dan Layman
Email: mrichar7@binghamton.edu

Oscar Savastio
Lab Section A57 with Koen Gieskes
Email: osavast1@binghamton.edu

Markus Sher
Section A51 with Dr. Mike Elmore
Email: msher1@binghamton.edu

Ciaran Slattery
Lab Section A58 with Chris Maiorana
Email: cslatte1@binghamton.edu

Annmarie Wiehenstroer
Lab Section A62 with Dan Layman
Email:  awiehen1@binghamton.edu

Last Updated: 9/2/14