Fall 2016 Undergraduate Course Assistants

The following Undergraduate Course Assistants assist faculty in WTSN 103

Ryan Condello
with George Weinschenk
Email: rcondel1

Jessica Funnell
with Claudia Martin
Email: jfunnel1

Jacob Groezinger
with Erika Patterson
Email: jgroezi1

Olivia Kastick
with Claudia Martin
Email: okastic1

Colleen Kelly
with Sharon Fellows
Email: ckelly18

Joe Kim
with George Weinschenk
Email: jkim332

Bryn Lappies
with Claudia Martin
Email: blappie1

Rebecca Mancusi
with Wendy Neuberger
Email: rmancus2

Josh Montague
with Sharon Fellows
Email: jmontag2

Sophia Mrazik
with Erika Patterson
Email: smrazik1

Beth Reisman
with Erika Patterson
Email: breisma1

Julia Suk
with Erika Patterson
Email: jsuk2

Christina Tartaglia
with Sharon Fellows
Email: ctartag1



The following Undergraduate Course Assistants assist faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants in WTSN 111 labs:

Anna Domagala
Email: adomaga2

Dylan Domenico
Email: ddomeni1

Ezra Goldmeer
Email: egoldma1

Lillian Harrington
Email: lharrin1

Cara Jozefowski
Email: cjozefo1

Fraser Leslie
Email: fleslie1

Elizabeth Libretti
Email: elibret1

Chloe Long
Email: clong5

Kyrin Pollock
Email: kpolloc2

Evelyn Rivkind
Email: erivkin1

Nicole Sliwinski
Email: nsliwin1

Sam Stone
Email: sstone2

Nicole Vitale
Email: nvitale5

Last Updated: 8/29/16