Fall 2015 Undergraduate Course Assistants

The following Undergraduate Course Assistants assist faculty in WTSN 103:

Adam Adler
Section 59 with Claudia Martin
Email: aadler6@binghamton.edu

Cassidy Chen
Section 60 with Erika Patterson
Email: cchen91@binghamton.edu

Alana Epstein
Section 62 with Wendy Neuberger
Email: aepstei6@binghamton.edu

Allyson Holland
Section 52 with Sharon Fellows
Email: ahollan6@binghamton.edu

Colleen Kelly
Section 50 with Sharon Fellows
Email: ckelly18@binghamton.edu

Greg Linden
Section 61 with Claudia Martin
Email:  glinden1@binghamton.edu

Alex Linkoff
Section 57 with Claudia Martin
Email:  alinkof1@binghamton.edu

Prahlad Roy
Section 55 with George Weinschenk
Email: proy1@binghamton.edu

Ian Sheers
Section 54 with Erika Patterson
Email: isheers1@binghamton.edu

Christina Tartaglia
Section 53 with Sharon Fellows
Email: ctartag1@binghamton.edu

Colleen Turner
Section 56 with Erika Patterson
Email: cturner5@binghamton.edu

Mohammed Uddin
Section 51 with George Weinschenk
Email: muddin6@binghamton.edu

Kara Youngs
Section 58 with Erika Patterson
Email: kyoungs1@binghamton.edu

The following Undergraduate Course Assistants assist faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants in WTSN 111 labs:

Tom Bonney
Section A55
Email: tbonney1@binghamton.edu

Anna Domagala
Section A53
Email: adomaga2@binghamton.edu

Elise Groll
Section A60
Email: egroll1@binghamton.edu

Cara Jozefowski
Section A61
Email: cjozefo1@binghamton.edu

Fraser Leslie
Section A57
Email: fleslie1@binghamton.edu

Elizabeth Libretti
Section A52
Email: elibret1@binghamton.edu

Kyrin Pollock
Section A62
Email: kpolloc2@binghamton.edu

Melanie Richardson
Section A54
Email: mrichar7@binghamton.edu

Markus Sher
Section AA59
Email: msher1@binghamton.edu

Ciaran Slattery
Section A58
Email: cslatte1@binghamton.edu

Nicole Sliwinski
Section A56
Email: nsliwin1@binghamton.edu

Berrie Woolson
Section A50
Email: bwoolso1@binghamton.edu

Last Updated: 9/15/15