Assistant Professor, English Department

Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2007
tel.: 607-777-4207
fax.: 607-777-2408 

Areas of Interest

Literatures of the Americas in the Long 19th century
Transnational American Studies
Democratic political movements
Free speech and censorship
Critical theory
Complex Systems
Literature and Labor

Monograph Projects

There are 2,000 Leaders: Democracy, the Swarm, and the Literatures of the Americas; under contract for publication by the University Press of Mississippi.

After the General Strike: Democracy and Labor Resistance in the Long 19th Century. In Progress.

Essays and Articles

"There are 2,000 Leaders: The Swarm as a Metaphor for Collective Action in The Black Jacobins" invited for publication in the volume The Black Jacobins Revisited, to be published in the C. L. R. James Archive series, Duke University Press.

"The Advantages of Leaderlessness" forthcoming in the volume What Comes After Occupy?: The Regional Politics of Resistance. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars, TBA.

"Direct Democracy and the Radical Enlightenment in the Haitian Revolution" invited for publication in the volume The Radical Enlightenment: The Big Picture and Its Details.

"Grassroots Politics: Democratic Movements as Complex Systems." Problems of Democracy: Language and Speaking. Ed. Mary-Ann Crumplin. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary P, 2011. 35-60.

"Leaves of Grassroots Politics: Whitman, Carlyle, and the Imagination of Democratic Vistas." Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 27.3 (2010): 101-126.

"A Seditious Proposal." The Grapes of Wrath: A Reconsideration. Ed. Michael J. Meyer. Vol. 1. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2009. 219-42.

"Working Conditions and Learning Conditions after the National Labor Relations Board's Brown University Decision" Workplace: a Journal of Academic Labor 12 (2005): 1-10. < >.

"Salt of the Earth." The Oxford Encyclopedia of Business, Labor, and Economic History. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2013.

"Sedition and Espionage Acts" The Oxford Encyclopedia of Business, Labor, and Economic History. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2013.

"B. Traven." Blackwell Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century American Fiction. New York: Wiley Blackwell, 2010.

Recent Courses Taught

ENG 270: Liberty and Authority in American Literature
ENG 450: The Literature of Global Political Movements
ENG 450: The Literature of Labor
ENG 450 and Latin American and Caribbean Studies 480: Zoot Suit Riots: Modern Chicano/a Literature
ENG 498: Department of English Honors Seminar
ENG 370 and ENG 565: Banned Books and Stories Not Told
ENG 370 and ENG 550: Democracy in the Literatures of the Americas
ENG 450 and 572: American Radicalism


Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities fellowship (Spring 2011, Spring 2012, and Fall 2012)

Applicant, National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend Award. (I was selected the Vice President for Research to be Binghamton University's junior faculty nominee for this award.)

Harpur College Dean's Research Semester award (Spring 2012)

Francis X. Newman Research Grant for travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile for book research (January 2009)

Individual Development Award from the United University Professions/State University of New York Joint Labor/Management Committee for travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile for book research (January 2009)

Research Fellow, Elmira College Center for Mark Twain Studies (Spring 2001)

John Houk Memorial Research Grant for travel to the northern California gold country and the Bancroft library, University of California at Berkeley, to conduct thesis research (Summer 1999)

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