Professor of English and Creative Writing 

PhD, University of California, Irvine
e-mail: heywood@binghamton.edu 

Curriculum Vitae


1993         Ph.D. in English with a Critical Theory Emphasis, University of California,                        Irvine.  Director: J. Hillis Miller, UCI Distinguished Research Professor of                                English and Comparative Literature
1989         M.A. in English, University of California, Irvine
1988         M.F.A. in Creative Writing, University of Arizona
1986         B.A. in Creative Writing, University of Arizona (honors, Phi Beta Kappa)


2002-present   Professor,Department of English, Binghamton University, SUNY
2010                Visiting Artist, California State University Summer Arts
2007                Proposal Review Chair, National Women’s Studies Association
2006                Dean’s Visiting Professor, University of Kentucky (spring)
2006                Visiting Artist,California State University Summer Arts
2003-4, ’07-8  Director of Graduate Studies,Department of English, Binghamton University, SUNY
2003-4             Visiting Scholar,Institute for Research on Women, Rutgers University
2001-5             Trustee & Executive Vice-President,Women’s Sports Foundation
1999-01           Associate Professor, Department of English, Binghamton University, SUNY
1993-99           Assistant Professor, Department of English, Binghamton University, SUNY

Gender Studies, Sport Studies, Creative Writing, Science Studies, Third Wave Feminism, Globalization & the Environment.

SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Activities, 2009
SUNY Chancellor's and University Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1997  
Poetry twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
Lost Arts nominated for the CNY Book Award.
Built to Win received Honorable Mention, North American Society for the Sociology of Sport Book Award, 2004.
Lingua Franca named Pretty Good for a Girl a “Breakthrough Book” in the February, 2000 issue.
The Nation named Third Wave Agenda a “Notable Book” in 1998.
Election to Trustee and Executive Vice-President of the Women’s Sports Foundation, 2002: The Women’s Sports Foundation, founded by Billie Jean King in 1973, is the world’s largest foundation devoted to women’s sports.
American Association of University Women Community Action Grant, 1999-2000, “Strong Girls, Strong Women: Community Outreach and Education to Encourage Participation and Ethics in Girls’ and Women’s Sports.”
State of New York/UUP Campus Grant, Spring 1999, “Exploring Possibilities for the Establishment of The Nell Jackson Center for the Study of Female Athletes.” 


The Women's Movement Today: An Encyclopedia of Third-Wave Feminism. (Greenwood Reference Works, 2005).  
As the General Editor of the first major reference work on third wave feminism, I was responsible for all stages of production from conceptualization to organization to writing critical introductions to proofreading.  This 1,000-page work includes a companion volume, The Primary Documents of Third Wave Feminism.

The Women's Movement Today: An Encyclopedia of Third-Wave Feminism. (Jaipur & New Delhi: Rawat Publications, 2007.  (Edition of the above published in India).

Built To Win: The Rise of the Female Athlete as Cultural Icon(University of Minnesota Press, 2003). Co-authored with Shari L. Dworkin.

Honorable Mention North American Society for the Sociology of Sport Book Award, 2004.

Bodymakers: A Cultural Anatomy of Women’s Bodybuilding (Rutgers University Press, 1998).

Third Wave Agenda: Being Feminist, Doing Feminism (University of Minnesota Press, 1997).  Co-edited with Jennifer Drake.

Named a “Notable New Anthology” by The Nation, and a “Recommended Book” by the New York Review of Books Reader’s Catalog.

Dedication to Hunger: The Anorexic Aesthetic in Modern Culture  (University of California Press, 1996).


Abnormal Repetitive Behaviors: Poems (Red Hen Press, forthcoming Spring 2016). 

Lost Arts: Poems (Louisiana Literature Press, 2013). 

Natural Selection: Poems(Louisiana Literature Press, 2008). 

The Proving Grounds: Poems(Red Hen Press, 2005). 

Pretty Good for a Girl (paperback edition, University of Minnesota Press, 2000).

Named a “Breakthrough Book” by Lingua Franca. 

Pretty Good for a Girl: A Memoir  (hardback, The Free Press/Simon & Schuster, 1998).



Sport, Gender, and Affective Embodiment. This book expands on my transdisciplinary “cultural neuropsychology of sport” model by interrogating sport in terms of the importance of athletes’ sociocultural contexts and the connections, simultaneously synergistic and oppositional, between movement, cognition, emotion, and human neurobiology as they are situated according to gender, race, sexuality, and class.  I explore the ways in which our most basic emotions and bodily responses to environmental stimuli interact with the ideological maps provided by culture to produce the performance specifically manifested in sport and inflected by gender and other situational variables.  Drawing heavily on cultural and affective neuropsychology, and intersections with feminist and queer theories, this project looks at the ways in which the gendered embodiment of sport must include consideration of athletes’ neuroceptions, as individuals and teams, which in turn impact sport performance, with implications for representation, policy, safety, pleasure, and health.


Bioculture of Gender.  Co-edited with Justin. R. Garcia.  While recently there has been an explosion of interest in gender and biosciences, a specifically feminist perspective has been effaced, with gender essentialisms supposedly rooted in science (a trend Cordelia Fine has named “neurosexism”) dominating the larger cultural conversation.  Building on the important cultural work of Evelyn Fox Keller and Helen E. Longino’s last anthology on the topic in 1996, this edited collection will present work from biologists, social scientists, behavioral scientists, humanists, and biomedical anthropologists that demonstrates the co-constitutive nature of feminist and scientific paradigms. 



“Moving toward integrative feminist evolutionary behavioral sciences,” forthcoming Feminism & Psychology. Co-authored with Justin R. Garcia.
"`We're In This Together:' Neoliberalism and the Disruption of the Coach/Athlete Hierarchy in CrossFit", Sports Coaching Review (forthcoming).
“The CrossFit Sensorium: Visuality, Affect, and Immersive Sport,” special issue, Screening Embodiment, for Paragraph: A Journal of Modern Critical Theory 38.1 (2015): 20-36, eds. Nicholas Chare & Liz Watkins.
"Hunger, Emotions, and Sport: A Biocultural Approach," in Symploke: A Journal for the Intermingling of Theoretical, Cultural, and Literary Scholarship, Vol. 19, No.1-2. 2011: 119-142. “Affective Infrastructures: Toward a Cultural Neuropsychology of Sport,” in Frontiers in Evolutionary Neuroscience, online edition, http://www.frontiersin.org/Journal/Abstract.aspx?s=411&name=evolutionary_neuroscien ce&ART_DOI=10.3389/fnevo.2011.00004, print October 2011, Vol. 3, article 4: 1-5. "Walking the Walk to Teach the Talk: Implementing Ancestral Lifestyle Strategies as the Newest Tool in Evolutionary Studies," in Evolution: Education and Outreach ISSN 1936-6426, Volume 4, Number 1 (2011) pp. 41-51. Co-authored with Steven M. Platek & Glenn Geher & Hamilton Stapell & J. Ryan Porter & Tia Y. Walters.
“Ins and Outs: An Evolutionary Approach to Fashion.” The Evolutionary Review Vol. 1 (Issue 1), 2010, pp. 30-35. With Justin R. Garcia.
“Mind the Gap: Appropriate Evolutionary Perspectives Toward the Integration of the Sciences and Humanities.” Science and Education 2009. DOI 10.1007/s11191-009- 9193-7. With Justin R. Garcia and David Sloan Wilson. Print version, Science & Education, 19 (2010): 505-522.
"Immanence, Transcendence, and Immersive Practices: Female Athletes in U.S. Neoliberalism, The Scholar & Feminist. Special issue "The Cultural Value of Sport: Title IX and Beyond," eds. E. Grace Glenny and Janet Jakobsen, (Issue 4.3, Summer 2006) http://sfonline.barnard.edu/sport/heywood_01.htm.
"The Unreadable Text: Conrad and `The Enigma of Woman' in Victory." Conradiana 25:3 (Spring 1994): 1-13. 5
"Gendering Conrad's Corpus: Alternative Modernisms in The Arrow of Gold." A British Studies Sampler, ed. Richard D. Fulton (Vancouver: Cannel, 1994): 131-147.
"The Shattered Glass: The Blank Space of Being in Absalom, Absalom!.” The Faulkner Journal 3.2 (1988): 12-23.

(as with the articles listed above, these articles were all peer-reviewed by at least three readers, sometimes more--the volume editors, 2-3 expert readers for the press, and sometimes the Press editorial board/director)
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