Graduate Programs

Welcome to the Graduate English program at Binghamton University. Our program has had a history of distinguished faculty and graduates in literary research, critical theory,rhetoric, and creative writing.


The English Department currently serves approximately 75 students working toward the PhD and about 30 students in progress toward the MA degree.  The English Department offers opportunities for study in all major areas of British and American literatures, with strengths in American Studies, British Modernities, Critical Theory, Gender and Sexualities, Medieval Studies, Early Modern and Renaissance Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Race, Empire, and Global Diasporas, Rhetorical Discourse, Ethnic Studies, Cultural Studies/ Science Studies, Creative Writing.  For a listing of faculty in each of these areas, see our Faculty page.


The department offers four graduate programs in English:

  • MA in English/American literature
  • MA in English with a creative writing concentration
  • Ph.D. in English with a research dissertation
  • Ph.D. in English with creative dissertation


The MA in literature stresses breadth of knowledge in literature and theory. The Ph.D. program encourages students to pursue focused interests in literary periods or movements, theoretical models and schools, or global literature. Ph.D. candidates take field exams and write dissertations on specific areas of literary, critical or theoretical interest.


The MA and Ph.D. programs with a creative writing concentration offer a range of workshops, readings, and visiting writers. (Visiting faculty have included Charles Johnson, Galway Kinnell, Robert Creeley, Marvin Bell, W. D. Snodgrass, and Molly Peacock.) MA-CW students take courses in literature and writing and produce a creative thesis. Ph.D. students take courses in literature and writing, complete the same field exams as literature students, and produce novels, books of poems, or books of short stories for their dissertations.

Last Updated: 7/27/16