Doctoral Degree Frequently Asked Questions

Does your program provide funding for doctoral students?

All support for doctoral is merit-based and awarded on a competitive basis. Our stipends for assistantships and fellowships are quite comparable when compared using a cost-of-living calculator.  A Teaching Assistant (TA) may serve as either a discussion section leader for large survey course or teach his/her own course, depending on the assignment. Most teaching assistantships and fellowships are accompanied by a full tuition scholarship and health insurance.

The department also nominates individuals for:

  • Teaching Assistantships in the Center for Writing
  • Clifford D. Clark Graduate Diversity Fellowships (for under-represented minorities)
  • Special fellowships within the department
  • Dissertation Year Fellowships

In addition, the department assists students applying for external fellowships.

U.S. Citizens may also be eligible for student loans and campus employment. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for further information.

What is the time to degree for doctoral students?

Our current expectation is that funded doctoral students finish in 4 years.

What is the cost-of-living in Binghamton, New York?

The cost of living in Binghamton, NY, is relatively low compared to large cities and many other areas in the USA, as you can see for your self with any internet cost-of-living calculator.  Information, on the cost of attending Binghamton University, may be found on the Student Accounts Costs of Attending page. For tuition and fees, please check the Student Accounts Rates Table (.pdf, 50.2kb).

Do I need to have a masters degree in English in order to be admitted to the doctoral program? 

All students entering the doctoral program must have a masters degree in English literature. In exceptional cases, students whose masters degree is in another field may be asked to undertake additional study in consultation with the graduate director.

Is it possible to waive the foreign language requirement for the doctoral program? 

No, all doctoral candidates must demonstrate, during the time of their program, a reading knowledge of at least one foreign language. Such competence may be demonstrated in any one of four ways:  

  1. Evidence of the student having passed a certified translation examination in a graduate program at some other institution.
  2. Presenting transcript evidence of at least three years (six semesters) of college-level study of a single foreign language (fourth- and fifth-year high school study in the same language counts as two semesters each) with a grade average of B or better, completed no more than five years before admission to the MA program at Binghamton University. 
  3. Successful completion of a graduate course in a foreign language or of a graduate course in comparative literature in which a significant portion of the work is done in a foreign language. 
  4. Successful completion of a graduate proficiency workshop and examination (TRIP 707).

Last Updated: 7/27/16