Doctor of Philosophy Program


Students entering the Ph.D. program in English usually are expected to have an MA in English literature. This does not preclude the admission of students whose education has been in other fields. (In these exceptional cases, candidates, in consultation with the graduate director, may be asked to undertake additional study.) After completing their courses, candidates specialize in three fields of scholarly interest preparatory to field examinations and in a specific area of expertise leading to the dissertation.

The English Graduate Admissions Committee admits qualified students to the Ph.D. program on the basis of their total records, including transcripts, GRE general test, recommendations, and a sample of their critical writing (10 to 20 pages). Applicants who wish to choose the creative writing option for the dissertation should so indicate on the front page of the application and should submit a portfolio of their creative work (not more than 50 pages of fiction or 25 pages of verse) in addition to the critical writing sample.

The deadline for application for the fall semester to the Ph.D. program, whether or not the student wishes to be considered for financial aid, is February 15. The deadline for application for the spring semester is November 15. All applicants for the MA should go to the Graduate School site
in order to enter an online application and learn how to apply.

Last Updated: 7/25/14