Active Alert: 8:30 am classes canceled today

B-ALERT:Due to weather, all 8:30 am classes are canceled today, Jan. 24. Classes will begin at 10:05 am. Employees expected to report as usual but to use discretion. OCCT bus runs begin at 8 am.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 5:59 AM



Are you looking for an intern with maturity, analytical ability and strong writing skills? Binghamton University English Majors are a great resource!

What we require of our sponsors is that they can provide an opportunity for qualified students to do professional level work in a supportive atmosphere.

During the academic year (late August until early May), opportunities generally need to be in the Greater Binghamton area (though in recent years some more long distance "virtual" opportunities have worked out well). Students are asked to work on site for 12 hours per week.

If you have an internship offering that you feel fits our parameters, contact Prof. Gelineau, preferably by e-mail. Include a description of the position that would be suitable for posting on regular and electronic bulletin boards. Depending upon the timing of your request, the information will be included with our list of potential sponsors when tentative placings are made in October (for the spring semester) or March (for the fall semester). From mid-April until August, and from mid-November until mid-January, it is sometimes still possible to find a compatiable match-up for an internship offering through posting on our Rhetoric bulletin board and the English Majors listserv so it is worth making the inquiry even if you have missed deadlines.

Last Updated: 7/27/16