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This site contains a wealth of information about this program and the opportunities which it can afford you. It is to your benefit to take the time to familiarize yourself with all of the available options so that you can make the very best use of the eight credits of internship experience available to you. Don't be quick to prejudge what is possible for you and what is not -- ingenuity and determination have opened avenues to their futures for many BU English majors before you, and the same ingredients could work for you as well.

There are some differences between taking Rhet 495 during the regular spring or fall semesters while in residence here in Binghamton, and taking Rhet 495 during the Summer or Winter Sessions. Chief among these differences is the manner of securing the internship placement.

In any semester it is possible for a student to take the initiative and locate their own internship position and then have their plan and their application approved by the Program Director, after which they may be registered for Rhet 495. During Summer or Winter Session, students are ALWAYS responsible for securing their own placement (for help with this process, click on "Find Internship" on the navigation bar to the left). During the regular academic year, it is more usual for students to apply to the English Department Program by the application deadline (check the program home page for current deadline information). Students accepted into the Internship Program will be tentatively placed by the Program Director, with every effort being made to secure a placement in the student's first choice field of interest. Once the student receives word of their tentative placement, the student arranges for an interview and then the student and sponsor decide whether or not to proceed with that placement.

Students, of course, pay tuition on the credit hours they are earning whenever they are receiving credit for an internship, but it is not uncommon for students to overlook this when planning for a summer or winter session internship.

FAQ will provide the answers to a host of common questions about the Internship Program.


English majors in good standing who display initiative and maturity are eligible. In an instance where more than one student is in competition for the same position, preference can be given to students with senior standing.

Typically students accepted into the Internship Program have had solid recommendations and a minimum GPA of 3.0. Students with a GPA lower than that who are interested in an internship would want to present evidence in their letter of intent as to why that GPA is not a good indicator of their potential for this opportunity.

Interns from the English Department Program have earned the program an excellent reputation among our repeat sponsors. Our aim is to uphold this reputation by placing students we can be proud to have representing the program and the University.


  1. 180 hours on site (12 hours per week for the 15 week spring/fall semester; or 45 hours per credit hour for Summer or Winter Session intern)
  2. four blog posts about your internship experience submitted according to the schedule on the class Blackboard site
  3. five item annotated bibliography submitted one with each blog post
  4. submit final project

Further information on the annotated bibliography and the final project is available on the Final Project page.

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