English majors in good standing who display initiative and maturity are eligible. In an instance where more than one student is in competition for the same position, preference can be given to students with senior standing.

Typically students accepted into the Internship Program have had solid recommendations and a minimum GPA of 3.0. Students with a GPA lower than that who are interested in an internship would want to present evidence in their letter of intent as to why that GPA is not a good indicator of their potential for this opportunity.

Interns from the English Department Program have earned the program an excellent reputation among our repeat sponsors. Our aim is to uphold this reputation by supporting with credit students we can be proud to have representing the program and the University.


The eligibility standards in place for the English Department Internship Program are meant to insure that accepted students are mature and ready to undertake the duties of an internship semester independently. The 45 hours per credit hour for the internship allow students to get a good sense of the field they are exploring and most importantly, result in them participating for a substantial enough portion of time to be considered "part of the team," rather than just an observer, and thus gradually they are offered professional level work to do at the internship. The combination of our pre-screening process and the number of hours spent on site have made English Department interns in demand with our repeat sponsors.

During the Spring and Fall semesters, interns are expected to work 12 hours a week for the fifteen weeks of the semester for a four credit internship. Summer and Winter Session Interns work 45 hours on site per credit hour.  In both cases that comes out to 180 hours for a four credit internship.

For Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions, there will be a Blackboard site for Rhet 495.  Students are asked to blog on the Discussion Board section FOUR times over the course of the semester.  Students are also asked to read a total of FIVE articles related to your field and prepare an annotated bibliography summarizing your reading. One of these entries is due with each blog post (students can choose which blog post on which to include two annotated bibliography items).  The myCourses Blackboard site for RHET 495 will provide complete details and the schedule of submission for these entries. Winter Session has so far not had enough students enrolled to require a Blackboard site but interns should keep in touch with the director regularly by email. In the spring and fall semesters, the Internship Director holds regular office hours, during which interns may drop by to discuss any questions or concerns. She is also readily available by e-mail during any of the sessions.

At the end of the semester, each intern will complete one of the following projects: a 10 page evaluation paper; a 10-page research paper using MLA style citations; a 20-30 minute video (video should be edited and include footage which analyzes and explicates your experience); or a portfolio and 6-page essay. Students with an idea for a commensurate Web-based project or portfolio should contact the Director for approval ahead of time. FINAL PROJECTS ARE DUE ON TUESDAY OF THE LAST WEEK OF CLASSES FOR SPRING/SUMMER/FALL INTERNS AND ON THE FINAL DAY OF WINTER SESSION CLASSES FOR WINTER TERM INTERNS. Successful completion of the project and a positive letter of evaluation from the sponsor form the basis for a grade of P.

Follow the hot links in the box at left for further information on the Annotated Bibliography and the Final Project. You will also find clarifications of frequent questions about requirements on the FAQ's page, which can be reached through the link in the box at left.

Check List of  Requirements

  • work 12 hours per week (or 45 hours per credit hour) 

  • blog  4 times over the course of the semester (Winter Session interns check in with director regularly)

  • complete a 5 item annotated bibliography submitted one with each blog post

  • submit final project

Last Updated: 3/2/17