English Department Undergraduate Listserv for English Majors

The English Department maintains a LISTSERV list, 'ENGMAJ-L' for undergraduate English majors. All majors and faculty are encouraged to subscribe; interested non-majors are also welcome.

LISTSERV lists are centralized e-mail distribution lists. The department uses ENGMAJ-L as a rapid means of disseminating news and information.

To participate in ENGMAJ-L you must first subscribe to the list. Students interested in subscribing or unsubscribing (signing off) must do so themselves following the simple instructions below:

  • Using your Binghamton University email address, send an e-mail to listserv@listserv.binghamton.edu.

  • Leave blank the line asking for "subject."

  • In the message section, type a single line: subscribe engmaj-l John Doe (Note: Be sure to type your own name!)

  • If you wish to be removed from the ENGMAJ listserv, then type the following line in the message section: signoff engmaj-l

  • (Note: Be sure that there is a space between the words signoff and engmaj-l. The engmaj-l is not a number "1" (one) but an "L" as in ENGMAJ-L. DO NOT type your name when signing off. Please use the proper email account for signing off—the one that you subscribed to for the ENGMAJ-L Listserv to begin with.)

  • Finally, send the message.

Upon enrollment you will automatically receive e-mail from LISTSERV with reference information about the list, including instructions for getting off the list.

The Computer Center Help Desk (Ext. 7-6420 or helpdesk@binghamton.edu) will assist anyone that is experiencing difficulty with either of these procedures.

Last Updated: 7/27/16