Environmental Studies Program - Student Groups

Binghamton University has a wide range of student groups who focus on environmental and other social issues.  The calendar below is designed for these groups to list upcoming meetings and activities.  We also list other events on campus that are sponsored by the Environmental Studies Program or otherwise may be of interest to ES students and faculty.  Following the calendar, the various student groups (and links to their web presence) are briefly described.


SEAC - Student Environmental Awareness Club

The Student Environmental Awareness Club (SEAC) raises awareness of environmental issues involving our campus and community. This includes taking part in campus/community clean-ups, educating local youths, working to make the campus "greener" by implementing more sustainable policies, and organizing events such as Earth Day and America Recycles Day. We attend conferences, bring speakers to campus, participate in community environmental events, and go on outings to environmentally-related venues--and we co-organized the first Binghamton University Trashion Show in Spring 2010 with other student groups (see, for example, http://www.binghamton.edu/magazine/index.php/site/articles2/fashionable_trash/ and http://centralny.ynn.com/content/all_news/502292/bu--trashion--show-kicks-off-earth-week/)! We encourage anyone who is interested in helping to make the campus more sustainable to join our group. Learn more about us on our Facebook page.

Campus Climate Challenge

This is a group of students interested in helping this campus move forward with regards to energy and reducing the effects of climate change/global warming. We will do what it takes. Campus Climate Challenge is a collaboration of over 30 organizations, over 537 college campuses and high schools across the US and Canada which could help us in this cause. The BU chapter has been involved in activities as varied as working on campus energy efficiency to emphasizing the use of local foods to on-campus composting to helping promote the campus recycling campaign. Find us on Facebook.

New York Public Interest Research Group, Inc. (NYPIRG)


NYPIRG is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, statewide research and advocacy organization, established and directed by New York state college and university students. NYPIRG has grown to be the largest statewide citizen activist organization in the country. At Binghamton University, students work with NYPIRG on projects that relate to consumer protection, energy, education, environmental preservation, government and corporate accountability, and economic and social justice.

Binghamton University Food Coop

We are a very broadly utilized group, with a wide member base, promoting healthy, organic and local food choices. Being actively involved with other student groups our foundational principles are to be proactive about food and grocery choices and vocal with how they have an impact on every facet of life, for every being the world over. Environmentally sound, the Food Coop makes ecological choices to continue to strive for a more social responsible and just society.

Friends of the Nature Preserve


A group of students, faculty, staff, and community members dedicated to the stewardship of the campus natural areas. Activities include trail upkeep, habitat enhancement, guiding walks and educational hikes.

Outdoors Club


The purpose of the Outdoors Club is to help students with common recreational interests to get together and spend time outside and also to expose members to new outdoor opportunities while teaching safety and responsibility for the environment.  The club practices Leave No Trace which is an environmental ethic that is geared towards preserving natural areas. At each of their weekly meetings, trip planning and backcountry skills, and responsibilities are discussed.  Some other activities the club has participated in the recent past are: backpacking, tree and rock climbing, mountain biking, snow shoeing, winter camping and cross-country skiing.  Future activities may/will include: Geo-Cashing, Survival Skill Instruction, Orienteering and Wilderness First Aid.  The club usually funds most of the expenses on trips, so don't miss out on a chance of a lifetime!  Men and women are encouraged to join.

Binghamton Animal Alliance

Our aim is to unify like-minded individuals who are interested in bringing awareness to issues of animal welfare, and injustice towards animals.  The Binghamton Animal Alliance is established with the intent bringing awareness on campus and in the community, while striving to provide aid and fund-raising for the humane society and other such organizations that lessen suffering for animals.  Find us on Facebook.


 The purpose of this group is to work with neighboring environments towards improving and reducing our carbon footprint through gardening practices. Hopefully, we will collaborate with CHOW and donate vegetables that we plant here on campus for healthier options. This group will teach students the basics of gardening and provide them with the ability to further garden beyond their involvement while working to better the campus community and work with the city’s organization on current community gardens in the Binghamton area. Our intention is to expand and create community gardens on campus and throughout Binghamton, working with the community group VINES on projects and community beds and increasing awareness and knowledge about gardening practices. Find us on Facebook.

Binghamton Environmental

Several groups have joined together to create an unofficial group called Binghamton Environmental to collaborate on a variety of ecological issues, including hydraulic fracturing. The groups joining together in BE are the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), The Campus Climate Challenge, the Experimental Media Organization/Student Action Collective (EMO/SAC) and the Student Environmental Action Collective (SEAC). Each of these groups has been working in its own realms rather than together on common issues about the environment and came together to put on yesterday’s event. BE’s current goal is to increase awareness on the issue of hydraulic fracturing. The group’s objective is to make students conscious of what the issues of fracking are and to then discuss what the best choice of action is for the various groups. Excerpted from an article in Pipe Dream, Sept 28, 2010.


SUNY-CHOW is a community service group designed to address local hunger through its relationship with CHOW (Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse) of Broome County. Our group volunteers with and helps support CHOW by participating in and raising awareness, funds, and food donations for their events. In addition, SUNY-CHOW puts on several independent events on campus each semester. Find us on Facebook.

Amnesty International

We are a chapter of the global human rights organization, Amnesty International. Our primary goal is to raise awareness about human rights violations on campus, in the US, and internationally. We also raise money for the victims of such human rights abuses. Meetings are once a week, and we have several events per semester. If you believe in a philosophy of do-goodery, this is the perfect place for you to put it into practice. For more information, contact Amnesty@sa.binghamton.edu, and find us on Facebook.

Oxfam America, Binghamton Chapter

Oxfam America is dedicated to finding long-term solutions to poverty, hunger, and social injustice around the world. We work to eliminate the root causes of social and economic inequities by challenging the structural barriers that foster conflict and human suffering and limit people from gaining the skills, resources, and power to become self sufficient (www.oxfamamerica.org). Visit us on Facebook.

Tobacco Awareness and Reduction

The purpose of TAR is to work to make Binghamton a more smoke-free campus. We strive to help student smokers overcome their addiction as well as to raise awareness about the many harmful effects of tobacco, including how it affects the health of smokers, non-smokers, and the environment. Group members include both smokers and non-smokers, so anybody who wants to support our cause is welcome to join. Visit us on Facebook.

EMO/SAC (Experimental Media Organization/Student Action Collective)

The Experimental Media Organization/Student Action Collective (EMO/SAC) is a group of students seeking to broaden the media landscape of SUNY-Binghamton and the Binghamton community at-large. We define experimental media as forms of communication and participatory journalism outside the mainstream structures of present American society, including multiple mediums not necessarily considered part of the traditional media lexicon, including but not limited to forums, speeches, film-screenings and teach-ins. Most importantly, Experimental Media is a tool for social justice and is therefore inextricably linked to action-based projects and goals. As a subgroup of EMO, the Student Action Collective (SAC) will guide the process of turning experimental media into social justice action. Visit us on Facebook.


Director of Environmental Studies Program: Carl P. Lipo email

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