Economic Values

The economic value of a tree can mean several different things. The value of a tree is dependent on many different factors such as age, species, health and location. Trees can increase a property's value by a substantial amount due to aesthetic value but also because of the benefits they provide for the owners. A well places tree or group of trees can greatly reduce energy costs. In the summer a house shaded by trees can reduce the temperature inside the house thus cutting air conditioning costs. Properly placed trees can reduce air conditioning costs by ten to fifteen percent. Also trees can greatly reduce energy costs in the winter. Trees planted as windbreaks can reduce heat loss and increase savings. With increased energy efficiency and less energy usage "trees indirectly reduce carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to fifteen times the amount the tree alone can absorb (urban/comm. forestry). Community wide influence of trees can translate into large savings due to lowered energy consumption.

Last Updated: 2/25/15