ESL Native Speaking Assistants

Native English speaking students have the opportunity to assist ESL classes by signing up to be native speaking assistants” in the ESL 491 course; a 4 credit course that is listed as a “Practicum in College Teaching”. Assistants are given the opportunity to work closely with ESL students in the classroom, mostly through small group work, as well as converse and reflect with ESL instructors about teaching ESL. ESL students benefit by having the opportunity to speak with native speakers, gather cultural information, and work on speaking and listening skills.

Participating in this course is a wonderful chance for all involved. If you are considering going into the teaching profession, being an assistant for an ESL course is a wonderful introduction to the joys of working with language learners. It is undoubtedly a great service to the students in the class as they work towards acclimating to the academic environment at Binghamton University.

Students who are interested in being native-speaker assistants should contact Jennifer Brondell at (607) 777-6725.

Last Updated: 2/25/15