English Language Skills Assessment Information

The 2-hour skills assessment is used to determine if you could benefit from ESL classes while studying at Binghamton University. You are tested in listening, reading, and writing. You cannot prepare for the exam, and it does not affect scholarships or TA positions. 

All courses are voluntary unless you are a conditionally admitted student.

If you are a conditionally admitted student, you may be required to take courses.

  • If the results of the exam show that you do not need an ESL class, your ESL conditional status will be removed.
  • If the results show that you are required to take a class, after you successfully complete it you will have satisfied the conditional requirement and will not need to take any additional ESL classes.

ESL Program courses can be taken alongside your other classes and do not cost extra. They are included in regular full time tuition.

The English language skills assessment is offered each fall and spring semester. Specific dates and times for the exam will be given during new international student orientation each semester.

You must take the exam if you are a new international undergraduate student, regardless of where you have studied previously.

International graduate students required to take the exam are those that are provisionally admitted to the Graduate School or to their specific Department.

If you have any further questions about the exam, please contact Jennifer Brondell, ESL Program Director at brondell@binghamton.edu

Last Updated: 5/21/15