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Program’s Requirements/Agency/Site Responsibilities

Agencies are asked to return all evaluation forms, updated descriptions, and other items as requested.

Agencies contribute to the grading process by completing two written intern assessment forms provided by OCC during the course of the semester.

Participating agencies are requested to interview acceptable applicants prior to the beginning of each semester and to abide by University Equal Access Policy when selecting from applicants. The University/OCC does not screen candidates for compatibility for a particular position. OCC believes the host site is in a better position to make judgments regarding which candidates will meet the needs and expectations of the site.

OCC regards the application process and procedure to be an important part of the learning experience for our students. Interviews are an especially important part of this process. In keeping with University Equal Access and Affirmative Action guidelines, it is very important that participating agencies and organizations conform to a common standard of deadlines, notification and selection procedures.

Following is a summary of the process we would like host organizations to use when working with our intern applicants:

Student Responsibilities:

University Responsibilities:

Thank you for taking time to work with and supervise our students and your participation in Off Campus College=s academic programs.

Please call us at 777-4273 if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

I have read and understand this document. We agree to abide with all conditions set forth in this document.

Agency: _____________________________________________________________ Authorized signature: ____________________________ Date: __________


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Last Updated: 6/5/12